You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (MERGE_HEAD Exists)

You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (Merge_Head Exists)

Error: you haven’t concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists). may happen on account of an unfinished merge and merge conflicts, however don’t fear, even when you don’t know from the place you must begin to eradicate the error.Fix The Error You Have Not Concluded Your Merge

The objective of this text is to teach you in regards to the causes of the given error and information you in the easiest way to take away it. So, look on the under content material, undergo the small print, resolve the error, and also you’ll pat your again to have discovered this masterpiece.

Error: You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (MERGE_HEAD Exists).: Causes

You haven’t concluded your merge error can happen on account of two causes: the pull command ending up in a battle state and git misinterpreting your exercise as an unfinished merge. Other causes of this error additionally observe again to those two primary points.

You can seize extra details about the causes below the upcoming subheads to foretell what you’ve been doing flawed or what has been misinterpreted.

– The Pull Command Ended Up in a Conflict State

The given error will seem in your pc when a git pull command fails to merge, enters the battle state, and also you attempt to execute the subsequent pull command. The conflicting state is when two branches change the identical file line. Also, if a file is edited in a single department and deleted in one other department, a battle will come up.Causes Of You Have Not Concluded Your Merge Merge Head Exists

In brief, you can’t execute a pull command within the presence of a battle and unfinished merge. If you attempt to do it, the said error will cease you on the similar second.

– Git Considers It a Merge

Sometimes, git won’t perceive your actions and think about them a merge exercise even when it’s not. Consequently, it would throw the given error in your display.

For instance, you dedicated some recordsdata however didn’t push them. Now, you wish to make some extra edits inside the identical file. Here, git won’t will let you commit or pull the required recordsdata contemplating that you’re attempting to merge.

You can say that the talked about error is kind of associated to the push and pull instructions.

Error: You Have Not Concluded Your Merge (MERGE_HEAD Exists).: Solutions

The options to the ‘you have not concluded your merge’ error embrace fixing the conflicts out of your file. Moreover, in case you are unable to take away the conflicts, you possibly can resolve this error by eradicating the conflicted file out of your program.
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The first answer supplied under may look prolonged, however its detailed clarification is right here on your understanding and comfort. All you’ll must do is run a number of instructions, and also you’ll be good to go. Please learn your entire answer to implement it appropriately, or you possibly can hop to the subsequent answer if the primary one doesn’t make issues work.

– Solve the Conflicts First

You ought to resolve the conflicts to run your pull command efficiently and eliminate the error. Although it isn’t a one-step course of, you’ll get sufficient particulars to comply with it simply. First, you’ll must undo the merge, perhaps by working the git reset –merge command.

However, listed below are the two instructions which can enable you to out in resetting the merge primarily based in your git model:

  • Use it in git variations under 1.7.4: git reset –merge.
  • For git 1.7.4 and onwards, use git merge –abort.

If the git merge –abort command doesn’t work in your case, you must strive executing the git merge –proceed command. The given command is used to conclude the merge when it stops on account of conflicts.

After resetting the merge, you’ll must determine the file with conflicting content material. For this, the git standing command will serve you the very best. It will offer you the conflicting file’s title. Also, you need to use the git log –merge command to get a listing of the conflicting commits between the merging branches.

To make the method simpler, you possibly can go for the git diff command, which can will let you see the variations between the states of the recordsdata.

Once you collect all the small print associated to the conflicts, you must launch the conflicted file or recordsdata and make the required modifications. If you wish to skip the method of figuring out the conflicted recordsdata, you may prefer to execute the git reset –exhausting origin/<branch_name> command. It will reset all native modifications. If you’re positive with working it, nothing can cease you.

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Whichever manner you want to select, you’ll be free from merge conflicts. Once you’re performed with resetting the merge and resolving the conflicts, you’ll must stage the edited file. You can implement the present step utilizing the “git add” command like git add <filename>. Later, you’ll be required to run the git commit command to commit the merge.

After following all of the above steps, you possibly can execute the pull command you’ve been ready to run for thus lengthy. This time, you received’t face the given error. Remember that this answer may also assist resolve the error which is precipitated because of the misinterpretation of Git.Solutions For You Have Not Concluded Your Merge Merge Head Exists

– Remove the File

Mostly, eradicating the conflicts will save your day. If it doesn’t, and you’ll see the identical error in your pc after following the abovementioned steps, you must take away the file. It could be like eliminating the issue generator and the issue.

Please be happy to make use of the next command to take away the problematic file:

Note that there’s a distinction between the git rm and rm instructions. The former command will delete the file from the native filesystem and git repository, whereas the latter will solely take away the file from the native filesystem.

– Run the Commands With Your Scoop Installation

If you’re getting the talked about error whereas updating the inside track, you’ll must implement three of the steps from those mentioned above. But notice that you simply’ll have to use them along with your scoop set up. Here is what your instructions ought to appear to be to make the error go away:

cd “$env:SCOOPappsscoopcurrent”; git merge –abort; git reset –exhausting; git pull


1. Which Extension for Visual Studio Code Helps Resolve Conflicts?

The Kaleidoscope extension for VSCode helps resolve conflicts higher than the VSCode’s built-in merge battle possibility. It makes it potential so that you can evaluate a number of textual content, evaluate your entire recordsdata, see the outcomes of the git difftool, and run the git mergetool.

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2. What Are the Best Practices To Avoid Merge Conflicts?

The finest practices to keep away from merge conflicts embrace standardizing the formatting guidelines to take care of consistency within the file codecs, rebasing often, making small commits, and reviewing the pull requests usually. Also, listening to the small print and communication can prevent.

3. What Does Git Do When It Sees Merge Conflicts?

Git will add merge battle markers into your code when it observes conflicts between two branches being merged. Thus, the recordsdata might be marked as conflicted, and also you’ll be allowed to resolve the battle that has simply occurred. So, git doesn’t resolve the conflicts by default however solely identifies them.

4. Are the Merge Conflicts Ignorable?

No, the merge conflicts aren’t ignorable as a result of they point out that one thing has gone flawed, and also you’ll have to inform git that the issue has been mounted. You ought to take away the conflicting traces adopted by the git add or git commit the recordsdata command to keep away from modifications within the file.


The not concluded merge error happens when your merge has not been accomplished because of the conflicts. However, you possibly can simply escape hassle if you understand how to resolve conflicts. Here are some factors from the above publish to offer you a number of brief and useful info that’ll save your day:

  • You ought to reset the merge, resolve the conflicts, add the edited file, commit the merge, and run the pull command once more to resolve the given error.
  • You can resolve the conflicts by modifying the recordsdata manually or resetting all native modifications.
  • If the git merge –abort doesn’t give you the results you want, run the git merge –proceed command to conclude the merge.
  • Removing the conflicted file may help you eradicate the basis reason for the given error.
  • Run the magical instructions shared above with scoop set up to take away the error immediately.

Please be happy to return to this text and evaluate the steps at any time to make peace with the conflicts and eradicate the error.



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