Windows Virtualization Based Security (VSB) can slow down games by up to 15%

Microsoft Fixes A Gaming Performance Issue With An Update For Windows 11
Windows Virtualization Based Security (Vsb) Can Slow Down Games By Up To 15%

Advances in Windows security improvements end up having an impact on the performance of computers. One of those features, Virtualization Based Security (VSB), came with Windows 11 turned on by default which also turns on memory integrity and is now also turned on by default in some Windows 10 installations. Tom’s Hardware has carefully analyzed the impact these features have on Windows and found that turning them off can improve gaming performance by up to 15%.

The analysis he has done includes about twenty games with various resolutions and qualities (FHD medium, FHD ultra, QHD ultra and UHD ultra) to give a better idea of ​​the impact they have. You have below the table in which the results are collected. The higher the frame rate, the more impact it has, so if you play UHD you can leave it on with almost no performance loss. -with some exceptions—, but at FHD it has a bigger impact. It will also vary depending on the graphics card and the processor itself, so this is focused on an RTX 4090 and a Core i9, so it’s pretty much a worst case scenario. -he that has the highest frame rate and therefore the one that is seen the most shocked—.

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Here it must be taken into account that if these features are activated by default in Windows it is to protect the user. Turning them off is like going on vacation and leaving your home alarm off. If something happens to you, well, it was your fault and then the regrets will come. But when performance tests are taken to see the maximum of a graphics card, it could be of some use, although it would not be advisable to do so either because it would not show the performance that any user with VBS activated is going to find.


Tom’s Hardware.

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