why services are disrupted?

Why Services Are Disrupted?

Orange is the victim of a major outage this Wednesday, March 15, 2023, a power supply problem depriving many subscribers of Internet, television and even mobile telephony. The situation is gradually returning to normal.

Big scare for Orange subscribers on Wednesday March 15, 2023! Since this morning, a very large number of users can no longer access the operator’s basic services, both fixed and mobile, some no longer being able to access the Internet on television, others on the telephone network, or even both for more unlucky. The problem started this morning around 8 a.m., before reaching a peak around 10 a.m., as can be seen from the number of reports made on DownDetector – the site that references operator issues – which peaked mid-morning. And the problem was not limited to a single geographical area, as the testimonies were of disturbances as well These disturbances were recorded in Paris and Lyon as in Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux Lille or Rennes.

Why Services Are Disrupted
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As it should be, many Orange customers were rightly worried, not knowing who to turn to, especially since the operator’s customer service was also inaccessible. And it was at the end of the morning that we were entitled to an explanation through a message published on Twitter. While naturally apologizing for the inconvenience caused, Orange explained that the incident was linked to a power supply problem on equipment, obviously preventing normal operation. The operator indicated that the problem was resolved and that the situation was gradually returning to normal. This is confirmed by the DownDetector graph, with a very clear drop in reports from noon. We can therefore logically expect that everything is back to normal at the end of the day.

As always in this kind of unpredictable situation, you should not panic. And even if it is eminently boring to see oneself deprived of a means of communication – if only to find out about the situation! –, the wisest thing is still to wait, after verifying that the problem is general and not local. If you have access to the Internet or another mobile network, do not hesitate to consult the site DownDetector, which remains a reference in terms of fault reporting (see the advice in our practical sheet). Hence the interest, by the way, of not depending on a single operator for the Internet and mobile telephony: it is always prudent to be able to count on another network, in the event of a breakdown, as today…

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