Why Can’t Whatsapp Share Loc? Causes and Solutions

Why Can’t Whatsapp Share Loc?  Causes And Solutions

Share loc is one of the very useful features in WhatsApp. Where with this feature, we can share the current location where we are.

However some users report that they are can’t share loc whatsapp, about why huh? Of course we must immediately find out what causes it and how to overcome it.

Cause Can’t Share loc WA

Whatsapp Can'T Share Loc
Whatsapp Can’T Share Loc

The Share loc feature is indeed very useful and can be used for various needs. Especially when looking for someone’s location, all we have to do is ask them to share loc WA only.

That way, we’ll get a hint about his current location. So there is no need to be afraid of getting lost or anything else. So for that, you have to know how to deal with the WA can’t share the following loc.

1. Restart Device

For the first tip, let’s try something simple and easy, namely by restart the smartphone device first. That way we can refresh system and make all the bugs and errors disappear.

2. Less Stable Connection

To be able to share your current location via whatsapp, you will need a connection Internet stable. Because if bad network and slow, it will be difficult for WA to share loc.

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Therefore, it is recommended to use the network wifi with a much more stable connection. Or you can find a location with better signal conditions.

3. Turn on GPS

One of the mistakes that WA users often forget when sharing loc is not turning on the feature GPS on HP they.

Even though to share loc we are obliged to enable GPS or Location in order smartphones can detect where we are.

Only then after the location is detected, it will be sent to the recipient’s WhatsApp so they can find out our current current location.

4. Update the Latest Version

This kind of error is also often caused by application which is outdated and has not been updated to the latest version. So make sure you update regularly.

Because if you use an old version of the app it often causes a lot bugs or errors on its features such as not being able to share the loc.

5. Location Access Permission

Another important thing that you shouldn’t forget is giving access permission to WhatsApp on the location of our device.

Because without location permission, WA will not be able to detect its current location and the share loc feature will not work.

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How to? Entered into Settings > Applications > Whatsapp > Permissions > Enable location. That way, WA will have access to GPS.

6. Clear Cache Data

Cache Data that accumulate is also often one of the causes of the many errors that occur on WhatsApp.

Therefore, we are always advised to wipe cache periodically so as not to accumulate and fill the storage space.

Don’t know how? Open Settings on your cellphone, then select Applications > Whatsapp > Storage > Clear Cache.

7. Reinstall WA

The last tip you can try is to reinstall Whatsapp. Make sure you use the latest version of the original WA and don’t use it WA Mod.

Because besides being risky, using the WA mod also often causes lots of bugs and errors that make the features not work as they should.


Whatsapp those who can’t share loc can be caused by a number of things, ranging from internet connection, GPS not active to WA that hasn’t been updated.

Try trick tips above and hopefully can be a solution to overcome the problem. Also look forward to other interesting articles that will be present every day.

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