Why Can’t Open GCam? Causes and Solutions

Why Can’t Open Gcam?  Causes And Solutions

GCam or Google Camera is one of the mainstay applications for photography lovers to produce aesthetic shots.

With this one application, we can further optimize the camera captures produced by smartphones We.

Because GCam has a number of features that the default camera app or other camera apps don’t have.

Because of that, this GCam is so popular and widely used to create aesthetic photo And selfies which is then uploaded to social media.

What is Gcam?

What Is Gcam?
What Is Gcam?

Above, we have discussed a little about what GCam is. As the name suggests, this application is indeed made by the Google company which has been released since 2014.

But for the past few years, GCam has been viral among smartphone users android because it is capable of producing very good photo shots.

Many smartphones, whose camera results were not optimal before, became much better when using this GCam application.

Because of that, many people finally flocked to install GCam on MOBILE PHONE because they are curious about the features in it.

GCam Featured Features

Gcam Featured Features
Gcam Featured Features

So, of course, you are also curious about the advantages of this GCam application, so that it is so loved by smartphone users android?

1. Night Sights

Night Sight is a feature that allows us to take better pictures in low light conditions such as at night.

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2. Photobooths

For this one feature, it is usually used to photograph important and exciting moments that you are doing. Because with this feature we can capture many moments automatically.

3. Super Res Zoom

From the name, maybe you can already guess the function of this feature. Where it is useful to do zooming with a better level of detail and not blurry.

4. Group Selfies

Next there is a feature that is suitable for taking photos together with friends or family. By utilizing a wide lens sensor so that the camera will be able to capture a wider area.

5. Portrait Mode

For those of you who might like to take photos with bokeh effect, then this one feature you will really like. Because he is able to make the shots more aesthetic.

Causes GCam Cannot be Opened

Causes Gcam Cannot Be Opened
Causes Gcam Cannot Be Opened

Now back to our main problem about why the application Gcam can’t be opened on an Android phone. This problem is usually caused by several factors, including:

1. HP Not Supported

Most GCams cannot be opened because smartphone specifications are not supported or compatible. Because GCam itself requires system Android with this version so that it can run normally depending on the type of GCam you are using.

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2. Application Cache Piled Up

Another cause that can make the GCam error when opened is because of junk or cache files that have accumulated. That’s why you have to clean it regularly.

You do this by opening Settings or Settings, then selecting Applications, searching for GCam then tapping the Storage option. The last time you choose Clear Cache to clean it.

3. Haven’t updated the application

Next, you also have to make sure that the GCam has been updated to the latest version. Because if you use an older version, bugs and errors may occur which make it force close when opened.

4. Using GCam Mod

Apart from the original version, now there are also many versions of the GCam application Mods with various additional or premium features for free.

But usually the GCam Mod is unstable and often has bugs that make it an error and can’t be opened or used.

5. The GCam Server Has Problems

Another factor that can also cause Gcam to become an error is due to the condition of the server that is experiencing interference or down.

So you have to find out first whether there is a problem with the GCam server causing the application to crash.

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Gcam is indeed an application with a myriad of features that can make our shots even better and esthetics.

You can use this application to produce interesting photos to upload to social media like Instagram, Facebook and others.

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