Who is Una TikTok? Complete Profile and Biography of Una Tiktok

Who Is Una Tiktok?  Complete Profile And Biography Of Una Tiktok

More and more new popular people have been born from social media TikTok. One of the most talked about by TikTok users lately is Una TikTok. Its popularity is increasingly skyrocketing to make people ask who is Una TikTok.

we know that social media is the main attraction for many people who want to be popular, many people are popular from social media, whether it’s because of the content or their beautiful or handsome looks.

like Una, this tiktok is famous and viral because of her cute and adorable face, some of the content she uploads is flooded with viewers who reach millions of pairs of eyes, not a few who comment on her beauty.

Going Viral, Who is Una TikTok?

Going Viral, Who Is Una Tiktok?

Many people have become viral through social media TikTok, one of which is Una TikTok. The content created by Una TikTok often stops at FYP for many people. In fact, not a few of its content has been watched by millions of people.

What is the secret behind Una TikTok’s popularity? It seems that her cute and adorable face is the main attraction in every content she makes. More importantly, the content is also funny and entertaining.

Plus, Una TikTok has a lot of fans or fans. On social media TikTok alone, he has more than 7.4 million followers and will certainly continue to grow. Apart from TikTok, he is also active on Instagram with more than 560 thousand followers.

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The large number of people flocking to become Una’s new fans indicates that her popularity is increasing day by day. The more fans, the more curious who Una TikTok really is. Maybe you are also one of those who are interested in Una TikTok, therefore, in the following, we will review more about Una TikTok’s profile and bio.

Going Viral, Who is Una TikTok?

Going Viral, Who Is Una Tiktok?

Una TikTok is a cute girl from Padang. Apparently he has a real name, namely Nadya Khietna Putri. She was born in Padang, West Sumatra, on September 9 2004. So, Una is still a high school student, but her face is still as cute as a junior high school student’s.

Even though he is still active as a student, he can still find time as an influencer or content creator on TikTok. He started creating and publishing his content on TikTok since October 2020.

She often uploads content on TikTok showing her beautiful and adorable face. He diligently creates content on TikTok until his content becomes a subscription to FYP for TikTok users. In fact, a number of videos that he uploaded managed to penetrate 57 million viewers.

With content that often goes viral, don’t be surprised if her TikTok account, which has the nickname Unaa and username @mieayamthebstt, has reached more than 7.4 million followers and 86 million likes.

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He is also active on Instagram with the account @nadyakhtna. His followers on Instagram are no less numerous, namely more than 560 thousand followers. So to say, besides TikTokers, he is also a famous celebgram. You can follow both accounts to get the latest content updates from Una.

Complete Biography of Una Tik Tok

Complete Biography Of Una Tik Tok

Besides having a beautiful face, she weighs 52 kg and is 166 cm tall. His hobby turned out to be sports. To find out more about who Una TikTok is, just look at the following bio.

The original name Nadya Khietna Putri
Stage name Una
Origin Padang, West Sumatra
Father origin Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra
Mother’s Origin South Coast, West Sumatra
Religion Islam
Born Sept. 9, 2004
Age 17 years
Weight 52 kgs
Height 166 cm
hobby Workout, Sports
Profession Student, Tiktok Artist
TikTok account @mieayamthebstt
Instagram account @nadyakhtna

Una Tiktok Facts You Don’t Know

Una Tiktok is still being discussed on social media, especially Tiktok. Then what are the facts about Una tiktok that you should know? Let’s look at the una tiktok facts below:

1. Once called Reemar Martin Indonesia.

2. Una’s Tiktok account for Una Tiktok followers has reached 12.4 M and 219.3 Likes.

3. Called too beautiful and very adorable to attract the attention of other men who became the cause of a breakup with a previous romance.

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4. Have joined a management named Proudy Management.

5. First time uploading a tik tok video since October 2020.

After knowing Una TikTok’s profile and biodata, do you feel that you know Una TikTok more closely? Hopefully the info this time can answer your curiosity about who Una TikTok is. Remember to follow the Una account so you don’t miss the next Una content!

The final word

that’s information about the figure behind the tiktok account with the username @mieayamthebstt or often called una tiktok, I hope this is useful.

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