When should the iPhone battery be replaced? Know the Characteristics

When Should The Iphone Battery Be Replaced?  Know The Characteristics

The battery is indeed one of the components that usually breaks down first and needs to be replaced iPhones. Because indeed with its use, the ability of battery components to store power will decrease.

Therefore, when the time comes battery components must be replaced immediately because the performance is not qualified and less comfortable to use again.

So how do you know when is it time to replace the iPhone battery? We can easily identify the battery components that need to be replaced through the following characteristics.

Characteristics of the iPhone Battery Must Be Replaced

Characteristics Of The Iphone Battery Must Be Replaced
Characteristics Of The Iphone Battery Must Be Replaced

In fact it is not difficult to recognize whether the component iPhone battery it’s time to replace or not.

Because if you look at the performance alone, you will definitely feel which batteries are still lasting and which ones have much reduced storage capacity.

So for that, if you find the following characteristics on your iPhone, then you can be sure that the battery must be replaced immediately.

1. Wasteful Battery

The main characteristic of an iPhone battery that is bad and needs to be replaced immediately can certainly be recognized by its much reduced performance.

Where the battery is no longer able to store power for a long time, aka it quickly runs out and drops. You can easily feel the effect yourself.

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2. Sudden Death

Another feature that also indicates that the iPhone battery is in bad condition is MOBILE PHONE which sometimes often die alone.

Usually this is due to a battery that drops and immediately runs out of power. So that it is no longer able to turn on the cellphone and turns itself off.

3. Battery Health Decreased

The easiest way to find out the condition of the iPhone battery is, of course, by check via Battery Health. This is a feature that is an indicator of the health of our battery.

If Battery Health already shows a figure below 80%then it means that the performance and power storage capabilities have decreased and will decrease over time.

When it shows 65% and below, usually the battery will be more wasteful and shows signs of having to replace a new one immediately.

4. Hard to Charge

is Your iPhone often has problems when charging? For example, power does not enter and does not want to turn on when connected to electricity.

Well maybe it’s because battery condition which is no longer possible and no longer able to store power as usual.

5. Unstable Performance

Damaged battery components can also affect the overall performance of the iPhone, you know. Because it acts as a power supplier to all other components. So that it can interfere with the performance of the iPhone and make it unstable.

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6. Restart Yourself

Besides the iPhone that died suddenly, HP that restarts itself It can also be a sign of a bad battery condition. Because the power generated is unstable sometimes iPhone restarts then the power is reduced drastically.

7. Bubble Condition

A damaged battery can also be marked from its physical condition which has started to swell. If battery If you are already pregnant, then your performance will definitely decrease drastically and it is no longer normal.


As an iPhone user, you should always pay attention to the condition of the battery components whether they are still good or it’s time to replace them.

Because the condition of the battery is bad, of course it will be very annoying and make the device uncomfortable to use. If the battery health has dropped dramatically, then you should immediately replace it with a new, original iPhone battery.

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