When is RAID Data Recovery Needed?

When Is Raid Data Recovery Needed?

What do you do when your supposed fail-safe: RAID 6, stories a drive failure? Or even worse, in case your RAID 5 server stories a number of RAID drive failures? It’s a complete nightmare. So now, what do you do about recovering the info from all these RAID drives? The reply to it is you go for RAID Data Recovery.

While there are a number of RAID Data restoration software program, they’re efficient in case of {hardware} failure. Read this weblog to know through which all situations you want RAID Data Recovery and why.

What is RAID Data Recovery?

It is the method of recovering and restoring knowledge from a RAID storage infrastructure or structure. RAID knowledge restoration makes use of handbook and automatic knowledge restoration to extract and restore knowledge from one or a number of RAID drives.

RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, combines a number of onerous drives right into a single logical unit. It incorporates a number of onerous disks’ capabilities and storage capacities to kind a single system that gives bigger storage capability and higher knowledge security.

The disks will be mixed into the array in numerous methods, then known as RAID ranges. These embrace RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and nested RAID 10, and many others., supply a excessive stage of efficiency and knowledge safety and may even fault tolerance. However, RAID arrays are nonetheless prone to knowledge loss. Nevertheless, it is a redundant option to retailer knowledge and has fault tolerance to outlive one or many disk failures.

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Common Causes of Data Loss in RAID

Data loss in RAID can happen for a number of causes, comparable to virus or malware assaults, controller failures, a number of disk failures, RAID rebuild failures, pure disasters, energy points, and far more. However, human error is one of the vital frequent causes of RAID knowledge loss.

The causes of information loss in every RAID stage will be broadly divided into bodily harm and logical harm, as defined under.

Logical Damage

It refers back to the knowledge loss state of affairs in RAID, which will be attributable to energy outages, driver issues, or server crashes. Some examples of logical harm in a RAID are:

  • Damaged or corrupt file system
  • Failed, corrupt, inaccessible, and formatted RAID
  • Loss of RAID system registry
  • The RAID server crashed
  • Data deletion, both deliberately or by accident
  • Partition deletion or formatting
  • Partition overwriting
  • RAID configuration points
  • Bad sectors on the disk, and many others.
  • RAID Server Crash
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID partition.
  • Malware or virus assault

These points will be resolved through the use of knowledge restoration software program like Stellar Data Recovery Technician. This highly effective software program helps all Windows-based RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays and controllers manufactured by Intel®, Gigabyte®, Asus®, and many others.

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Physical Damage

The bodily harm to a RAID drive may result from a variety of failures, both attributable to mechanical, pure, or human errors. Some examples of information loss in RAID attributable to bodily harm are:

  • Multiple drive failure
  • RAID controller failure
  • Damage in a RAID stripe
  • Wrong Replacement Drive
  • Natural points and disasters, comparable to fireplace and water

These bodily damages to RAID drives can lead to knowledge loss, which is when it’s essential go for RAID Data Recovery. RAID restoration software program might help get well misplaced knowledge from logically broken drives, however for knowledge restoration from bodily broken RAID, you have to go for Stellar Data Recovery Services. Because knowledge restoration from the bodily broken RAID drive is difficult, that requires correct technical experience and expertise in addition to a mud free-environment comparable to class100 cleanroom.

When to Use RAID Data Recovery?

Look out for the next signs in RAID drive; it’s essential go for a knowledge restoration answer by way of both RAID knowledge restoration software program or companies.

  • Failed SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) standing
  • Constant clicking or screeching noise from the onerous drive
  • Damage by fireplace, water, or different pure forces
  • Frequent Read/Write Errors
  • RAID Partition Loss
  • RAID Controller Errors
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You should see RAID knowledge restoration as a protecting measure and never only a answer to knowledge loss.


The beneficial knowledge saved in varied RAID ranges can get corrupted or misplaced at any level, or the drive would possibly change into inaccessible. Therefore, no matter bodily or logical harm, RAID knowledge restoration stays a prime precedence in these conditions. However, with some preventive measures, you possibly can keep away from all knowledge loss conditions, supplied you are taking them on time.

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