WhatsApp will tell you the groups in common with a contact

Whatsapp Se Podrá Usar En Dos Móviles A La Vez

Soon you will be able to know which groups you have in common with a WhatsApp contacta quick way to find out if the person you are looking for in the app is in a group conversation where you are also part of the list of participants.

It is a novelty that is beginning to appear after installing the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android, specifically version available via the Google Play Store for all those who have signed up for the WhatsApp beta program at some point. .

Some lucky ones who already have the novelty visible have been able to discover that when searching for a contact within WhatsApp, they there is a section called “groups in common”where a series of groups appear in which you and that user share common conversations.

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That is to say, thatThat particular person is in a group that includes you. In this way, it is not necessary to enter WhatsApp groups if at any time you want to know if a specific person is part of the list of participants of a group.

The functionality is beginning to appear in some WhatsApp beta for iOS, and even on WhatsApp Desktop as well. In any case, it should become official sometime in the next few weeks or months, it will suffice to wait some time yet.

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Improvements in WhatsApp Communities

Additionally, WhatsApp is also beginning to include some improvements in its WhatsApp Communities section. For example, one of them is that you have changed the name of the ad group, now it has a new name and it is called “updates”.

After that name change there is an attempt to really adjust what is inside those groups, that is, the fact that the “announcements” group is read-only and that only administrators can publish something, can confuse the rest of users, and hence the change.

Image - Whatsapp Will Tell You The Groups In Common With A Contact

What it is about is that the name fits less than what users will find within the groups, which is more descriptive. In addition, the community icon has been moved and other better internal ones have been introduced so that they work correctly.

These improvements in the WhatsApp Communities have appeared in different beta versions of the app for iOS and Android, later they will be available once the user can update WhatsApp or proceed to install the latest version of WhatsApp on their iPhone or Android mobile .

Yes, it seems clear that both the possibility of knowing which groups you have in common with other people on WhatsApp like the improvements to the WhatsApp Communities will be news that we will see in WhatsApp in 2023, now the question is to know when they will arrive.

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