WhatsApp will change the voting in the polls you create

Así Serán Las Encuestas En Los Grupos De Whatsapp: Primeras Imágenes

In a short time they will improve whatsapp surveys, which are being very popular, but which came with certain limitations. It is common for WhatsApp to launch functions without fully polishing them, and the same has happened with the surveys, despite the fact that they are not particularly complex.

When we explained how to create surveys in WhatsApp, it already caught our attention that it was possible to mark as many responses as we wanted. Soon it will be possible restrict the survey to a single response per personwhich is certain cases is essential.

When generating the survey, an adjustment of “Limit to a single option” (“Limit to only one choice”), which will prevent participants from selecting multiple answers, as was the case up to now.

Those who receive the survey will see the indicative of “Choose one” (“Select one”) to differentiate it from standard multiple-choice surveys:

Image - Whatsapp Will Change The Voting In The Polls You Create

Many issues must be resolved with a single vote per personand until now it had to be the creator who reviewed the results to check that there were no irregularities.

This function has been improving little by little, we already have a search engine for WhatsApp surveys, and they can even be sent in private chats, not only in groups. Unfortunately, they have deficiencies that still need to be corrected.

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For example, it is not possible to set a voting deadline or to close the survey so that you can no longer participate (only to delete it completely). If we add to this that the answers can be changed as many times as each participant wishes, it becomes complex to strictly control the results.

Single response surveys have appeared hidden in the WhatsApp beta code, and for now they cannot be used, but it is a sign that in a short time they should be activated for all.

Although the surveys have added a lot of comfort to WhatsApp groups, they have room for improvement, even without going to advanced functions for companies. Let’s hope that little by little the main deficiencies will be solved, and it will not be necessary to resort to external tools when making decisions in WhatsApp groups.

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