What To Do With Your Old Device After Your Next Upgrade

What To Do With Your Old Device After Your Next Upgrade

The operational model used by most mobile phone providers sees consumers selecting their ideal device and matching it with a contract that gives them access to texts, call minutes, and a set amount of data for a rolling period of between 12 and 36 months.

The point of this style of the contract is to give consumers access to the latest devices without huge upfront payments and costs – however, more and more customers are becoming attuned to the wasteful approach this encourages come to the end of their contract. Namely, what they should do with their old device when they receive their upgrade under a new contract – and whether the contractual obligation is worth the brand new device as opposed to buying a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro or similar outright.

In this blog, we share a few ways that customers can make the most of this contractual structure, and how to cut down on costs with a refurbished device and SIM-only contract.

Maximise the value of your mobile phone contract

The simplest option when it comes to a mobile phone contract is to select your ideal device and pair it with a long term contract that you can both afford and which provides you with the accessibility and functionality you need. However, when that contract comes to an end and you have paid off the cost of the device in full, you are presented with the chance to upgrade – essentially rendering your current and now outdated device useless.

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To maximise the value of a new contract, you have a few options – the first being to trade in your old device to receive a discount on your monthly phone payments. Another option you have is to wipe your old device and sell it or gift it to a friend or family member – although the risk here is that if you do not effectively wipe the device then it may retain some of your personal details which be accessed by the new user.

And it’s here that Tech Tiger’s refurbishment solution comes in – not only allowing you to sell your device to us for a great price, allowing us to wipe and refurbish before selling the device but also helping you to make a more environmentally friendly contribution to the technology market.

Opt for a SIM-only contract and buy a second hand device

If you’re due an upgrade, the second option you have is to continue with a much cheaper SIM-only contract and join Tech Tiger as a buyer as well as a seller. By selling us your old and outdated device, or partaking in our inhouse trade deal, you can get your hands on a much newer model at an affordable upfront and one-off fee – giving you the upgrade you want but at a fraction of the cost.

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This option is better for you, better for the environment, and more sustainable than simply letting your old device gather dust while you fork out huge monthly payments for a brand new device.

For more information, visit our website where you can browse the available models and devices we have here at Tech Tiger.

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