We won’t see a new Nintendo console this year, and maybe not in 2023

Nintendo Switch

There had been much speculation about the possibility that the big N would launch a Nintendo Switch Pro, a console that was seen as an intergenerational renewal of Nintendo Switch, and that therefore it was not going to completely displace it, but both they would coexist in a similar way to what happened with PS4 and PS4 Pro. In the end this did not take place, and the Japanese company limited itself to launching the Nintendo Switch OLED, a minor revision of the original model that did not bring really important changes.

It is curious that, after the arrival of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the rumors about this possible Nintendo Switch Pro not only did not stop, but also in some way intensified. To this day, people continue to talk about that console, but the truth is that Nintendo has no interest in launching a new console, neither in the short nor in the medium termand it is something totally normal, since Nintendo Switch continues to sell wonderfully in all its versions, and the great N is still not capable of producing all the units it needs.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has commented than normally take advantage of the summer to accumulate stock of components. This is key to being able to respond to the increased demand that occurs during the Christmas season, but this year they have not been able to meet this objective, which means that not only are they not able to produce all the Nintendo Switch units they need, but they also fit the possibility that we will find a certain shortage at Christmas, provided that sales remain at high levels (everything seems to indicate that this will be the case).

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Nintendo Switch has completed half a life cycle, according to the great N

And this says a lot about the company’s long-term plans. It is clear that Nintendo does not plan to launch a new console this year, and it is very likely that we will not see a new release next year eitherbut this inevitably leads us to wonder when the company could launch a new console that is a true successor to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a very complicated question and we don’t have an official answer, but we can make an estimate based on the current situation and Nintendo’s own statements. In this sense, the Japanese company said last November that was still immersed in a phase of internal dialogue to determine key things about your next console, like the basics at the hardware level and its release date.

With all this in mind, it is clear that the development project of a new console by Nintendo is still taking its first steps, and this makes me think that we could be at least two or three years away from its launch. If this is true, we would not see a new console from Nintendo until sometime in 2024 or 2025, and it is impossible to rule out that those dates could go further. That new console could use a new generation Tegra SoC from NVIDIA, as we told you at the time, and would be compatible with DLSS to rescale in 4K.

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