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Nonton Film Drama Korea Insider

UnliHow Korea Insider 2022 Kang Ha Neul sub Indo is a Korean drama that is currently being discussed by Korean drama fans. Are you one of the people who likes to watch Korean drama movies?

You can start watching the first episode of Korean drama starring Kang Ha Neul. Well, you must be curious where you can watch the Korean drama Insider 2022 Kang Ha Neul sub Indo and what is the synopsis of the story. Come on, keep reading this article to the end.

Korea Insider 2022 Kang Ha Neul sub Indo is an exciting film to watch. To make watching it more fun, then you need to know the synopsis of the story of this film and when and where you can watch it.

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Synopsis Insider 2022

Korean drama Insider 2022 is a film that tells the story of Kim Yo Han who is one of the judicial trainees. He tried to go undercover to investigate a prosecutor suspected of corruption.

In addition, Kim Yo Han also conducted an experiment to get a card that could change his fate. Unfortunately Kim Yo Han had to go to prison because of the disguise he did. However, then a character named Oh Soo Yeon appears who has recognized Yo Han’s abilities.

Oh Soo Yeon offers Yo Han some deals. Will Yo Han be able to avenge his betrayal? Just watch the film live and find the answer at Insider 2022.

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Insider Film Cast 2022

You must have heard the names of the actors and actresses who played the Korean drama Insider 2022. The main characters in the drama Insider 2022, namely Kan Ha Neul who plays Kim Ho Yan and Lee Yoo Young as Oh Soo Yeon.

In addition to the two actors, there is Yoo Byung Wook as Heo Sung Tae who also enlivens this drama film.

When is the Movie Showing?

The Korean film Insider 2022, Kan Ha Neul, has been airing since June 8, 2022. Korean drama this is still on going and will be aired on JTBC. You can watch this film directly on the JTBC channel or on the official platform.

You can easily enjoy the Korean drama Insider 2022 through the official JTBC website as the channel that broadcasts this Korean drama film. On the JTBC channel, you can watch for free, but without Indonesian subtitles. To connect with Insider 2022 broadcasts on JTBC, please click this link.

Link Watch Korean Drama Insider 2022 JTBC

You can also watch those with Indonesian subtitles through the VIU application. To be able to watch on VIU, you need to have a subscription account first, to make it easier for you when watching. Previously, download the VIU application first.

Watching Insiders on Telegram

If you don’t have access to watch Korean drama Insider 2022 on VIU and it’s difficult to open the JTBC website, then you can watch it on Telegram.

If you want to watch on Telegram, then look for a channel that provides all episodes of Insider 2022. To find it is not difficult, because this drama film still has only one episode. However, watching on Telegram is not recommended, because this method is illegal and can harm the film.


Korea Insider 2022 Kang Ha Neul Indo sub is a film that you must watch, because the film is guaranteed to be exciting. Please you choose one of the ways to watch above, but make sure you use a legal way. Happy watching and enjoying the latest Korean drama 2022.

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