Use this command to find out what Windows errors mean

Use This Command To Find Out What Windows Errors Mean

Few issues are extra infuriating than receiving an error message in Windows. Many occasions the one clarification we get for why a program has stopped working is a easy error code that tells us nothing.

What does error 0xC004F211 mean? And the error 0xD0000272? Does error 0x80240034 inform you something? Don’t fear, I do not get any mild bulbs in my mind both once I learn these strings of numbers and letters. It is regular.

Trick to know what an error code means in Windows

Luckily, Windows has a local software that gives us transient explanations in regards to the which means of most of the most typical error codes within the system. This is the CertUtil programand like the remainder of the MS-DOS instructions, it’s executed from a terminal window.

Although it doesn’t have a graphical interface, CertUtil could be very straightforward to use. We solely have to invoke the command and add the error code to acquire a small description of its which means.

How to use the CertUtil -error command

  • First, open a terminal window in Windows. You can do this by typing “command prompt” within the search field on the taskbar. Note: You may also open a terminal by urgent the Win+R keys and operating the command “cmd.exe”.
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  • Inside the black terminal window, write the next command, the place “CódigoError” corresponds to the error code on which we would like to make the question.
    • CertUtil /error ErrorCode
1674377268 759 Use This Command To Find Out What Windows Errors Mean

In this means, for instance, we are able to know that the error -0x7ff8fffe implies that the system can’t find the required file. We may also know that the 0x80070bfd error implies that the timeout has expired, and so with many different Windows error codes.

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It have to be taken under consideration that Windows additionally permits you to use the NET HELPMSG commandwhich additionally serves to display information of an error number. However, the CertUtil command appears to be extra full, because it features a better variety of codes inside its error library.

1674377268 557 Use This Command To Find Out What Windows Errors Mean

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