Update GBWhatsApp now with many new features that follow WhatsApp Plus

Actualiza Ya Gbwhatsapp Para Evitar Errores Con Google Play Protect

we already have the GBWhatsApp v13.30 download available, which includes many new features and improvements, including the possibility of customize reaction emoji on double tap about a message. Given the difficult situation that WhatsApp Plus is going through, we could be facing its successor.

The well-known GBWhatsApp is part of the WhatsApp mods, alternative versions to the official Android application that improves it in terms of privacy, additional features, and visual customization possibilities.

GBWhatsApp v13.30 offers us the option to choose which emoji to send by double-tapping a message, through an option of “Double Tap Reaction”” that appears in the dropdown menu of private and group chats.

In the past, the double tap always sent the reaction of a heart (a kind of like or like), but now we have a section to select the emoji that we prefer.

Image - Gbwhatsapp V13.30: Download And News

A capability that has also reached WhatsApp Aero and YoWhatsApp in their latest updates, since almost all the mods share a series of elements that improve the official application.

This is the complete list of what’s new in GBWhatsApp v13.30 that we can already enjoy:

  1. The reaction to double tapping on a message can be customized.
  2. New indicator in group administrators.
  3. States allow you to modify the color of the text and the background.
  4. Double tap to like can be turned off.
  5. New notification when call privacy blocks a call.
  6. Redesign when displaying updates.
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Corrections have also been made to the interface (bugs in the top bar and call icons), changed some translations and tweaked some menus.

Let us remember that WhatsApp Plus from the HeyMods group has stopped its development after the head of the official application accused it of distributing viruses and threatened legal action.

GBWhatsApp is a SamMods project, so in principle it is safe, because for now WhatsApp is not questioning the rest of the mods. Perhaps it could become the successor to WhatsApp Plus as users see updates stop coming.

In any case, We recommend downloading GBWhatsApp v13.30 to stay up to dateeven those who use unofficial alternatives of the applications should keep up to date to avoid problems and receive new features.

  1. Download GBWhatsApp v13.30 for Android


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