Undefined Control Sequence: Giving Away Instant Solutions

Undefined Control Sequence: Giving Away Instant Solutions

Undefined management sequence error signifies various kinds of points like writing complicated instructions, forgetting to load a package deal, or loading a package deal on the unsuitable location, and many others. You can say that this straightforward three-word error has extra causes than you anticipate, however you don’t must be nervous about it as a result of this put up is right here to serve you.Undefined Control Sequence

In this text, you’ll get to view the lengthy checklist of well-explained causes and take a look on the options that’ll make your day. So, wait no extra, seize a seat, and begin studying to see how one can iron out the error.

What Causes the Undefined Control Sequence Error?

The undefined management sequence – Overleaf error is attributable to a command that isn’t acknowledged by LaTeX as a consequence of totally different causes on the backend. Moreover, loading the identical sort of out of date and newest packages collectively or utilizing pdftex to provide a doc may end up in the given error.

– LaTeX is Unable To Identify the Command

Your code may be complicated LaTeX between the backslash that’s a part of a command and the backslash that is part of the textual content. Also, it’s potential that you just haven’t loaded the package deal required for utilizing a specific command. In any of the mentioned circumstances, you’ll obtain the error into consideration right now.

Think about it this manner. You have entered some textual content that incorporates backslashes. In such a situation, LaTex will contemplate the textual content following the backslash as a command and throw an undefined management sequence LaTeX desk error.

Now, take a look at one other instance. You have entered the includegraphics command with out loading the graphicx package deal. Here, an undefined management sequence includegraphics error, will pop as much as point out that LaTeX can’t determine the command as a result of the required package deal isn’t loaded.

– You Are Using an Invalid Command Inside the Class

Not having readability relating to courses and their instructions could make you the sufferer of the above error. Putting it in easy phrases, if you happen to use a command contained in the unsuitable class, you’ll get to see the identical error. It’s the identical as utilizing an irrelevant command inside a category.Undefined Control Sequence Causes

For instance, you write the chapter command contained in the article class. You should know that the chapter command belongs to the e book and report courses. Therefore, an undefined management sequence chapter error will interrupt your doc processing.

– You Have Loaded the Package After Starting the Document

It’s not solely about loading the required package deal. Note that if you happen to load the package deal after writing the start{doc} command, neither the package deal will likely be acknowledged nor you’ll have the ability to use any of its instructions. It signifies that the situation the place the package deal is loaded issues too.

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Here is a related piece of code on your reference that’ll throw the undefined management sequence start(doc):



– You Are Loading the Subfig and Subfigure Packages in a Single File

Loading the subfig and subfigure packages in a single file is a potential cause behind the error said within the title. You should know that each of the mentioned packages supply the identical performance. Plus, the subfigure package deal has develop into out of date, whereas the subfig has been used lately.

According to this, if you’ll find your self loading each subfig and subfigure packages, then you need to cease your seek for the reason for the error.

– The RequirePackage[numbers]{natbib} Line Might Be the Reason

Although not essentially at all times, typically, the road at which you require the natbib package deal can set off the given error in your display. So, in case your code incorporates such a line, then you need to contemplate this trigger as a result of it may be producing the error in your facet.

Say that you just have used the RequirePackage command for a number of packages, together with the natbib package deal. Suddenly, you obtain an error saying undefined management sequence in your display. In this case, requiring the natbib package deal might be the offender.

– Your Elsarticle Template Doesn’t Match the Elsarticle Class Version

If you’re dealing with an undefined management sequence affiliation error whereas utilizing the affiliation command contained in the elsarticle class, then the absence of the given command within the elsarticle model you’re utilizing at present might be the trigger. Note that affiliation isn’t present in elsarticle in TexLive19.Undefined Control Sequence Reasons

Furthermore, do not forget that the affiliation command is out there within the elsarticle model current within the totally up to date TexLive20. So, even in case you are working with TexLive20, however the elsarticle model shouldn’t be the one current in totally up to date TexLive20, you then’ll get the identical error.

– You Are Using pdftex To Produce Your Document

Using pdftex to provide your doc can lead you to an undefined management sequence documentclass error. The instructions, corresponding to usepackage, start{doc}, and many others., comply with the LaTeX format and aren’t comprehensible by pdftex. Hence, the latter stops on the start{doc}, and exhibits you an error.

This trigger means that even when your whole LaTeX code is ideal, utilizing the unsuitable program to compile the code, and produce a doc could make issues go unsuitable for you.

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How To Fix the Undefined Control Sequence Error?

You can repair the undefined management sequence error by changing with backslash in plain textual content, loading the package deal earlier than beginning the doc, or writing solely legitimate instructions for the courses. Also, utilizing latex or a related program to provide the doc can clear up the error.

– Replace the within the Text With backslash

The clearer your LaTeX code, the extra possibilities you’ll need to fulfill LaTeX and keep away from the talked about error. So, if you happen to don’t intend to write down a command after the backslash character, then it could be finest to write down backslash as a substitute of getting into solely the character.

This resolution is the best one as all that you just’ll need to do is to switch with backslash in your already written textual content.

– Study the Classes and Their Commands Well

Studying the courses and their instructions nicely sufficient will make it easier to make fewer errors whereas utilizing instructions. As you’ll pay attention to all the pieces already, you received’t combine and match irrelevant instructions with totally different courses. Also, the error may have no causes to remain.Undefined Control Sequence Fixes

Talking about the identical instance the place you used the chapter command contained in the article class. Here, you’ll want to alter both the category or the command. To stick with the chapter command, you’ll have to change from article to e book or report. However, if you wish to maintain utilizing the article class, you’ll must tweak the command to make it part or subsection.

– Load the Package, But Before Starting the Document

You ought to load the required package deal through the use of the usepackage command to eradicate the given error. But don’t neglect to load it earlier than the start{doc} to make sure that the error by no means comes again. Both of those steps will assist LaTeX acknowledge the package deal and command.

Here is what the right sequence of instructions seems to be like:



– Choose subfig Over subfigure

As the subfigure package deal has develop into out of date, it could be higher to decide on the subfig package deal over the subfigure. Having solely the subfig package deal will let you use the anticipated functionalities and kill the given error straight away. So, it’s a no-loss deal.

It means in case your code incorporates each packages, then eradicating the road that hundreds the subfigure package deal will resolve the problem.

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– Try Removing the Line That Requires the natbib Package

If you suppose your code may be dealing with the rarest drawback the place requiring the natbib package deal causes an error, you then would possibly wish to eradicate the inaccurate line. However, eradicating the mentioned line received’t let you use the instructions belonging to the identical package deal.

Please be at liberty to check out this resolution to see if it kicks away the error.

– Use the Elsarticle Template Matching the Current Elsarticle Version

You can resolve the error occurring whereas utilizing the affiliation command of the elsarticle class in TexLive19 by giving up utilizing the affiliation command. Next, you’ll must comply with the elsarticle template primarily based on its model at present in use.Undefined Control Sequence Solutions

Making it easy, utilizing solely the instructions out there in your present elsarticle class model will clear up the error.

– Use Pdflatex, Latex, Xelatex, or Lualatex To Produce Your Document

You ought to use pdflatex, latex, xelatex, or lualatex program to effectively produce a doc out of your LaTeX code. Moreover, selecting an acceptable program to provide the doc will make the error depart your display with out inflicting any additional issues. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to use this resolution.

Please be at liberty to go together with any of the given applications as a result of all of them perceive LaTeX simply.


As per this information, the undefined management sequence error exhibits up everytime you go unsuitable with the instructions, the packages, the courses, or the location of backslashes. Although it’s tough to foretell the precise reason for the error in your facet, the causes mentioned above will make it simpler so that you can discover out the offender on the earliest. Please learn on to view the listicle placing collectively some noteworthy factors for you.

  • It can be finest to make use of backslash as a substitute of a character within the textual content.
  • You ought to use the with solely legitimate instructions in a category and after loading the required package deal.
  • Ensure to make use of usepackage earlier than start{doc} to keep away from the mentioned error.
  • Always use pdflatex and comparable applications to generate the doc.
  • You ought to use subfig as a substitute of subfigure to do away with the error.

In the tip, always remember that understanding the LaTeX format and having ample information about its fundamentals is the important thing to error-free doc era.

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