Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk, The Latest Horror Game 2022

Touch The Devil Hu Tao

UnliHow What happens if the horror genre comes in the form of games? Of course fans of all things horror will love it. Touch The Devil Hu Tao apk is a game application with a very popular horror genre.

For some people, the game is indeed an application that must be on their smartphone. The game itself can function as a medium of entertainment from the saturation of activities that we do all day long. With the development of technology, games can also be a field to scavenge rupiah coffers.

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About Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk

Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk is one of the horror genre games that is currently being loved by fans. Only by downloading this application, you can touch the devil (Devil) by utilizing the VR already contained in the application.

Game Touch The Devil Hu Tao apk you can play on a smartphone or PC. If you want to play on PC, then you can spend Rp 39,999 to get this game officially through Steam.

There is a free version of this application as well. For the free version, you can download and play it on your smartphone. Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk does have a difference with the Steam version which can only be played on PC.

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It should be noted that this game is known to be a bit vulgar, if you are still a minor it is not allowed to download the game. Even though it’s a horror genre game, don’t worry because what you will interact with through touch is an adorable demon and not a scary demon. Fun game right?

Download Touch The Devil Hu Tao

Game Name Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk
Require Android Android 4.1 and Up
Version 336
File Size 14.87 MB
Developer gamkabu

Download Touch The Devil Hu Tao

What Features Are In Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk?

Games this one is indeed a hot topic of conversation on various social media platforms. Moreover, the feature offerings contained in the Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk game are very diverse.

Advertising services are indeed used to increase application revenue. However, the concentration of application users can also be disrupted because of Ads that appear at inopportune times. You don’t have to worry about the effect of ads. Because Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk has a support feature called no, so there won’t even be ads.

You can see the devil with different angles with the help of Virtual Reality 360. So that adds a unique and different sensation when playing this game.

  • TThere are various choices of devil characters
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You can choose a demon with a variety of characters, of course. Starting from the devil who has a little character to scary characters you can choose at will.

  • All Features Unlocked

Not like online applications in general. You can use all the features in this application without spending a penny to unlock the locked features.

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Touch The Devil Hu Tao Apk is a game application that offers a different sensation. With the theme of horror, you can freely interact through touch with the devil contained in the application. If you are interested in playing this game, you can visit the Play Store to download and play it.

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