Top 6 Air Duct Cleaning Methods

Top 6 Air Duct Cleaning Methods

The HVAC system filters out the indoor air and circulates the good-quality sizzling or cool air all through the constructing. The air ducts require thorough cleansing after each 3-5 years as they cease functioning correctly after a couple of years. Accumulation of the particles, filth and mold doesn’t enable the air ducts to work effectively. Professional duct cleaning Melbourne services may very well be booked by the home or enterprise house owners as a result of the consultants can clear the ducts with assist of appropriate strategies and merchandise. Here is a listing of the highest 6 strategies that professionals use to scrub the air ducts:

  1. Source Removal Method

Creating detrimental stress contained in the ducts helps in accumulating the mud and filth that get caught on the ducts over time. Air-powered cleansing machines are used to scrub the ducts on this technique. The cleansing machine has rotary brushes and whips that assist in eradicating particles.

  1. Point of Contact Cleaning Method

It is a budget-friendly technique that can be utilized to scrub the air ducts in each residential and business locations. In this course of, a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is utilized by the consultants to take away mud and particles. An agitation machine is used concurrently to loosen up the filth. This technique is taken into account secure for the ducts. Because of HEPA filters, the probabilities of cross-contamination are fairly low.

  1. Steam Air Duct Cleaning
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This is a well-liked duct cleaning Brisbane technique the place steam is used to scrub the air ducts. The steam at excessive stress and temperature is compelled into the ducts. A detrimental stress is created within the duct by way of the vacuum. Within a couple of hours, the steam dissolves the filth particles and different particles. Steam is thought to disinfect surfaces naturally. The issues reminiscent of allergens, viruses and micro organism could be resolved with this technique. This is why some professionals select steam cleansing as a technique for duct cleansing. But, this technique has an obstacle. The steam has moisture and it might injury the air ducts. Also, the moisture can’t take away the mould from the ducts.

  1. Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning

This technique can also be extensively utilized by professionals for duct cleansing. In this course of, the air is drawn by the truck mounted vacuum. The hose is hooked up to the air flow system. An agitation machine or a rotary brush is inserted into the air flow system for the gathering of unfastened particles particles. Before a couple of years, this technique was extensively accepted for business buildings. But, there was a disadvantage. Sometimes, the vacuum allows the exhaust from the automobile to combine with the ambient air. Due to the danger of this contamination, some professionals keep away from this system of duct cleansing.

  1. High Static Pressure Cleaning
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In this technique, pressurised air is used to loosen the particles of duct, mould and filth. This technique is extensively used to scrub the ducts in business buildings. It is a fast and efficient technique that’s most well-liked by professionals.

  1. Cryo-Blasting

This is a sophisticated, secure and efficient method that professionals are contemplating as of late to scrub the air ducts. In this technique, dry ice pellets are blasted into the ducts. The compressed air helps in shifting the particles and dirt particles in a selected path. It is a simple course of however is usually a bit costly.


There are some benefits and cons of various air duct cleansing strategies. This is why you have to rent skilled cleaners. They can examine the ducts and establish the severity of harm that the mud and filth have brought on. They can use essentially the most appropriate cleansing technique by maintaining the fabric, finances, measurement of ducts and plenty of different issues in thoughts.

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