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Top 20 Instagram Models of Color You Should Follow

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Top 20 Instagram black Models You Must Follow

The modeling industry is undergoing a digital revolution, and models have become more famous and visible than ever thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. Among these models, models of color are leading the way. Here are the top 20 Instagram models of color who are set to make a name for themselves in 2023.

1- Iman Abdulmajid


Iman Abdulmajid is an Instagram model of color who has gained a following of 857K. As the founder of Iman cosmetics, this entrepreneur and occasional actress has made a name for herself in the industry.

2- Frantzcesca Casimir


Frantzcesca Casimir is a stunning model of color on Instagram and a well-known fitness trainer. She has gained attention and 976K followers on her Instagram account for showcasing her progress, providing workout advice, and sharing customer feedback.

3- Nyakim Gatwech


Nyakim Gatwech is a well-known model of color on Instagram, famously known as the Queen of the Dark. Her Ethiopian-born American model, known for her South Sudanese heritage and dark skin color, has gained a significant following and recognition on Instagram.

4- Donnell Blaylock

Donnell Blaylock is a well-known model of color on Instagram with 388K followers on his account. He gained popularity on Facebook and Instagram with a 17-second video of him eating a Hershey’s bar labeled “Is this too much chocolate, ladies?”. He is also a real estate agent.

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5- Chanel Delisser

Chanel Delisser is a stunning model of color on Instagram. As a fitness trainer and Instagram celebrity, she has gained 1 million followers on Instagram. Known for posting incredible photos and fitness-related content.

6- Alex Kaufmann


Alex is deeply passionate about yoga, wellness, and life in general. Throughout her yoga journey, she has learned and practiced various forms of yoga, including Power, Baptiste, Hot, Restorative, Rocket, and Vinyasa Flow. With over 500 hours of yoga teacher training from esteemed instructors, Alex focuses on introductory yoga, flexibility and core conditioning, and nurturing self-love and appreciation through practice and meditation.

7- Liya Kebede


Liya Kebede, born on March 1, 1978, in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, is an actress, model, fashion designer, and maternal health advocate. She is one of the most well-known models of color on Instagram, with 254K followers.

8- Beverly Johnson


Beverly Johnson is an actress, singer, and entrepreneur, and one of the models of color on Instagram. In 1974, she made history as the first black woman to grace the cover of American Vogue.

9- Babeth Lando


Babeth Lando is a Congolese actress, model, singer, fitness instructor, and social media influencer. She is one of the most prominent models of color on Instagram. Babeth Lando began singing gospel music in the church choir at the age of five.

10- Lachae Bold


Lachae Bold has always been an expert in fashion and beauty. While working as a makeup artist, hairdresser, and costume designer, she unintentionally built an influencer brand on social media with her unique beauty, fashion, and lifestyle video content and uploads. She is one of the most popular models of color on Instagram, with over 50,000 followers.

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11- ShowMeDmani


ShowMeDmani works as a social media manager and strategist with 7 years of marketing experience on various social media platforms. She helps companies enhance brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy by collaborating with influencers and communities. With approximately 10,000 followers, she is considered a micro-influencer with whom you can collaborate.

12- Brittney Q. Hill


Brittney is the Founder and CEO of FAITH AND FAME®, an Entertainment & Media platform dedicated to bridging the gap between Faith and Entertainment. With 12.8K followers, she is an incredibly gorgeous model of color on Instagram.

13- Arielle


Are you looking for one of the sexiest models of color on Instagram? Arielle is one of those models who has gained popularity on the platform. With 14.6K followers and thousands of likes on her posts, she continues to captivate her audience.

14- Tatyana Joseph


Tatyana Joseph is one of the sexiest models of color on Instagram, with 442K followers. Her Instagram account features modeling and lifestyle content.

15- Denise Osei


Denise Osei is a social media strategist with 37.4K Instagram followers. She leverages her popularity as a model of color on Instagram to create and promote lifestyle, fashion, and travel content.

16- Isimeme Edeko


Isimeme Edeko is a well-known model of color on Instagram. Her 338K Instagram followers can enjoy self-care, fashion, and lifestyle content from her. She is also a YouTube celebrity known for her Real Talk, Guy Talk online series, personal story times, makeup challenges, and natural haircare advice.

17- Ann Cajour


Ann is a beautiful model of color on Instagram. She has accumulated 216K Instagram followers by sharing her amazing pictures.

18- Aliya Will


Aliya Will is a famous model of color on Instagram. This Instagram model and beauty influencer has 145K followers.

19- Tanya Marie


Tanya Marie, also known as Life of Tanya Marie, is 28 years old and resides in Dallas. She is a beautiful African model of color, and her African heritage holds a significant place in her identity.

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20- Melanin Aesthetics


Melanin Aesthetics is one of the black bikini models on Instagram. You can reach out to their Instagram account for advertising opportunities and collaborations with this lovely model of color.


1. Who is the most followed black model on Instagram?

The most followed black model on Instagram is Iman Abdulmajid with 857K followers. She is the founder of Iman cosmetics and has gained popularity as an entrepreneur and occasional actress.

2. Are there any black male models on this list?

No, this list focuses on female models of color. However, there are many talented and successful black male models on Instagram as well.

3. How can I collaborate with these models?

If you are interested in collaborating with any of these models, you can reach out to them through their Instagram accounts. They may have contact information or instructions on how to collaborate in their bio or on their website.

4. Are these models only focused on the fashion industry?

No, these models are involved in various industries and have diverse interests. While many of them have a strong presence in the fashion industry, they also engage in fitness, lifestyle, beauty, and other areas.

5. Will these models continue to rise in popularity?

Yes, these models have already established a strong presence on Instagram, and their popularity is expected to continue growing in the future. Their talent, beauty, and dedication to their craft make them influential figures in the modeling industry.


To conclude, models of color are making a significant impact on Instagram, and their influence will only continue to rise in the upcoming years. These talented individuals have garnered a significant following and recognition on the platform, and they embody beauty, diversity, and determination. Be sure to follow these top 20 Instagram models of color for inspiration and admiration.

Marshall Gunnell Marshall Gunnell is a digital content writer at UnliHow. He keeps on pursuing opportunities to engage with more people through articles IT-related issues.

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