Top 13! Download the BUSSID Chassis Bus and Truck Mod

Top 13!  Download The Bussid Chassis Bus And Truck Mod

There are many unique vehicle mods in the BUSSID game. One of them is the Chassis mod which is currently being widely used.

Interestingly, there are many Chassis mods available in this BUSSID game, you know. Because there are various vehicles, such as trucks, buses and so on.

Curious want downloads BUSSID Chassis mods? Or even you don’t know what Chassis is? If so, let’s discuss it in full here.

What is Chassis?

So, Chassis is the framework or bones of the vehicle which contains important components. Such as engines, tires and other components that make the vehicle move.

Because it’s only a framework, of course there’s no body component. Therefore it looks very simple. But the advantage is that the Chassis vehicle that you use will feel light.

Currently, the Chassis mod in the BUSSID game is being widely used, you know. Don’t miss to try it!

Download the BUSSID Chassis Mod buses

So here we will provide some Chassis mods from various vehicles. For example, like the Chassis mod for trucks, buses, cars and others.

If interested, direct you downloads below this:

1. Chassis Scania K360ib

Scania K360Ib

2. Chassis Hino RK8

Hino Rk8

3. Chassis Scania K410ib

Chassis Scania K410Ib

4. Chassis Jetbus 2 HD Setra

Chassis Jetbus 2 Hd Setra

5. Tronton Bus Chassis

Tronton Bus Chassis

6. Chassis Jetbus 3

Jetbus 3 Chassis

Download the Bussid Truck Chassis Mod

Above, we have prepared a download link for the bus chassis, now you can choose from the sixteen chassis trucks below.

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1. Fuso FN Chassis

Fuso Fn Chassis

2. Chassis Canter

Chassis Canter

3. Isuzu NKR Standard Chassis

Isuzu Nkr Standard Chassis

4. PTNMR 71 Standard

Number 71 Standard

5. Fuso Fighter Chassis

Fuso Fighter Chassis

6. Hino 500 Chassis

Hino 500 Chassis

7. Mighty Chassis

Mighty Chassis

How to Install a Chassis Mod on BUSSID

If you have downloads Chassis mod for the BUSSID game, then you just have to install it. For those who don’t know how to install it, you can follow this guide:

  1. Run games BUSSID
  2. Then select an option MOD
  3. And select the menu imported
  4. Then you select the menu FileManager
  5. Next, you have to find the mod file Chassis which has been in downloads
  6. Next select an option Free to install the mod

Because the Chassis mod in this BUSSID game also exists liveryyou can change it too. So, how to replace it is easy.

You just open Garagethen use Chassis Mods that has been installed. After that, select the menu Pallete and tap Browse Liveries.

Finally, all you have to do is find the file Livery just. Later the appearance of the Chassis mod in your BUSSID game will be replaced automatically.

That’s all the way to install the Chassis mod and livery in the BUSSID game. But if you have trouble, you can ask so we can help. Have a nice play!

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