TikTok knows that you are bored of watching videos always the same, and it already has a ready solution

Tiktok Sabe Que Estás Aburrido De Ver Vídeos Siempre Iguales, Y Ya Tiene Una Solución Lista

We have all come across almost equal recommendations on TikTok, which sometimes become boring and other addictive. In both cases, it is a problem that TikTok wants to solve with the new possibility to reset the algorithm suggestions of our profile.

Although it is possible to see TikTok without an account through some tricks, the social network is making it more and more complicated, because it knows that personalizing the content is key to “hooking” the public. In fact, the so-called “For you” feed with suggestions is the first thing that opens, instead of the videos of the accounts we follow.

Well, now TikTok incorporates an option to “refresh the feed” (also called “start over”) that consists of show us recommendations as if we had just opened the accountwithout considering the history of views, likes or profiles that we follow.

That is, it will not be necessary to delete the TikTok account for the recommendations to be restarted, avoiding the loss of the uploaded content, the list of followers and following or the other settings:

To restart the personalized suggestions we have to follow this route:

Profile -> Menu (three horizontal lines) -> Settings & privacy -> Content preferences -> Update your “For You” feed

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Image - Tiktok Allows You To Reset Algorithm Recommendations

After update the “For you” feed they will ask us the reasonsomething important for TikTok, which wants to know if the videos we were watching were boring, repeat certain themes too much or have other problems.

After restarting the algorithm, we will see popular videos as if we just opened TikTokbut they’ll immediately start new personalization based on who we see integers, who we like, and other factors.

The company itself recognizes that it is very difficult to balance the new recommendations with topics that they know are of interest to users. In addition, he is concerned about content that can be addictive or harmful, and that can be seen compulsively, especially if the victims are teenagers.

In fact, TikTok has added a new time limit for minors, one of the issues that worries him the most. In the midst of geopolitical tensions with the US authorities for being a Chinese social network, the last thing that interests him is a scandal related to the welfare of children and adolescents like the one that Instagram suffered in 2021.

Of course, resetting the TikTok feed can improve the experience on the social networkalthough it’s a pretty hidden option, so it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in promoting it, at least in the short term.

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