This would be the design of the RX 7900 XT that AMD prepares

This Would Be The Design Of The Rx 7900 Xt That Amd Prepares
This Would Be The Design Of The Rx 7900 Xt That Amd Prepares

AMD will current the first RX 7000 in a couple of days, and inside them at the least one RX 7900 XT is predicted. There could be an RX 7900 XTX, with rumors putting it with a consumption of greater than 400 W. Now the supposed design of one of these RX 7900 has appeared, and from the two printed photographs, the one on the header and the one beneath They look fairly genuine.

It is extra prone to be the RX 7900 XT as a result of it integrates two eight-pin PCIe connectors which places the most consumption of the graphics card at 375 W. If the RX 7900 XTX goes to have greater than 400 watts, it’s inconceivable that it had solely two connectors. Except, of course, that the 7900 XTX doesn’t exist or that it has much less consumption than beforehand indicated.

According to what AMD stated, an RX 7900 XT with twice the efficiency of an RX 6900 XT ought to eat about 400 W with that 50% enchancment in efficiency per watt that AMD has indicated. Maybe it is not an RX 7900 XT and it is truly an RX 7800 XT, which might be something. I like the design of the new mannequin, and it abounds in the design of the RX 6000, which already appeared fairly good to me. Now they would give it a barely extra aggressive contact, however with out going overboard.

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