The Core i9-13900KS would give 5% more performance than the Core i9-13900K

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The Core I9-13900Ks Would Give 5% More Performance Than The Core I9-13900K

Intel is making ready a model of the Core i9-13900K specifically screened to type a Core i9-13900KS. It can be the first processor to have a 6 GHz turbo, breaking this barrier that beforehand has solely been achieved primarily by elevating frequencies, and with few exceptions has been achieved with liquid nitrogen. Since the Core i9-13900K already has a 5.8 GHz turbo, the performance enchancment is predictably small, aiming for five%.

Even so, it would be more than anticipated 3.5% on account of the enhance in turbo frequency, though the screening would additionally enhance the base frequency by the identical 200 MHz, and would enhance the frequencies at full load in its twenty-four cores (eight P and sixteen E). ). The consumption at base frequency would go from 125 W to 150 W, however the consumption at turbo frequency shouldn’t be indicated, as that of the 13900K is 253 W. Obviously whereas enjoying, the consumption by no means reaches both one worth or the different as a result of they’re solely normally activated from 4 to eight cores out of the twenty-four that the 13900K has.

Apparently the Core i9-13900KS would attain 2366 single core in Cinebench R23 Compared to the 2,243 of the 13,900K, 5.5% more, whereas in multi-core it would attain 40,998 in comparison with 39,689, 3.3% more, which would be in keeping with the enhance in frequency, 3.5%. This processor might go on sale on January 12, with the firm speaking about it once more at CES in Las Vegas in early January. The worth might be 20% greater than the 13900K.

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