the chatbot can change level… and personality

The Chatbot Can Change Level… And Personality

The Chatbot Can Change Level… And Personality

To better adapt to the needs of each user, the chatbot integrated into Bing can now change the response level. But also of your tone, by imitating the way of expressing themselves of various celebrities, real or fictitious!

With the integration of Prometheus, an AI derived from ChatGPT, with its Bing search engine and Edge web browser, Microsoft has already taken a serious lead over Google. And to maintain this strategic gap, the Redmond firm is constantly modifying its chatbot – chatbot, in English – adding new functions. An accelerated evolution which has given rise to some slippages but which augurs well for real innovations. Thus, for the past few days, users have been able to configure the chatbot according to three different types of personalities (creative, balanced and precise). Better yet, according to Bleeping ComputerMicrosoft is reportedly already testing a Celebrity Mode that would allow the AI ​​to mimic the way various personalities speak, with their signature tone and phrasing!.

AI Bing: a chatbot with multiple personalities

Remember that, if the new version of Bing is not yet fully open to the general public, it is possible to register on a waiting list to be able to test it. Microsoft has also included it in the latest Windows 11 update (see our practical sheet). Faced with the multiplication of errors and the moods of artificial intelligence, which went so far as to insult Internet users in mind-blowing exchanges, the company decided to limit Internet users to six questions per conversation and sixty questions per day – enough frustrate some, who appreciated the long exchanges with the conversational AI.

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A few days ago, Microsoft deployed an update to prevent its AI from “straying” too much during exchanges with users. Thus, it is now possible to configure it at will between three personalities according to its use: Creative, Balanced and Precise. With the first, the chatbot will tend to provide longer answers in a lighter tone, to address the Internet user directly by familiarizing him. An ideal mode to seek inspiration for a script, create songs or learn about different possible travel destinations. On the contrary, the Accurate personality emphasizes the accuracy of the information communicated. The answers are therefore brief and short, going to the essentials by addressing the user as you. This is certainly the mode that is best suited for a more “classic” use of a search engine. Finally, Balanced mode is an in-between that is set as the default personality.

But this is only the beginning. Bleeping Computer has discovered a hidden mode, still in development, which allows the AI ​​to adopt the personality of a celebrity, real or fictional, to chat with the Internet user – a bit like Charater.AI. To access this Celebrity mode, you have to ask Bing Chat about it. He then replied to the media that “Bing Chat Celebrity Mode is a feature that allows you to chat with a virtual version of a famous person, such as an actor, singer or athlete. You can ask them questions about their life, career, hobbies , opinions, etc. and they will respond in a way that matches their personality and style.” You must then use the command # or #celebrity followed by the name of the personality you want to interview. For example, to chat with The Rock, type #Dwayne Johnson or #celebrity Dwayne Johnson. To return to the initial mode, just type #Sydney, which is the code name of the AI.

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When Bleeping Computer had fun chatting with Gollum, the AI ​​started speaking in the plural, saying for example: “Okay, my precious. We’ll talk like Gollum for you. What do you want to ask, um?” For the moment, the number of personalities is quite limited. It is possible to chat with celebrities like Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Diddy, Barack Obama or Lebron James, as well as with fictional characters like Harry Potter , Batman, Elsa, Yoda, Gandalf, Darth Vader, Katniss Everdeen and Sherlock Holmes. However, Bing Chat refuses to imitate influential politicians, activists and heads of state. But it seems possible to get around these restrictions, for example by making him embody Joe Biden and Donald Trump – who also thinks that his opponent is just a “puppet”. This promises heated discussions!

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