The Cause of Occurrence and Its Fixes

The Cause Of Occurrence And Its Fixes

The pre-receive hook declined error message happens as a consequence of many variegated technicalities. These causes start from a easy rejection of commits however pertain to extra causes as nicely. Additionally, blocking of a non-fast-forward push may be the rationale.Pre Receive Hook Declined Error

This information will cowl each trigger and its resolution intimately with the assistance of examples for a transparent understanding.

Why Does Pre Receive Hook Declined Error Occur?

Pre-receive hook declined error occurs for numerous causes, equivalent to; comprise the rejection of commits and blockage of a non-fast-forward push. Apart from these, different causes embrace invalid file measurement and the absence of an entry proper to push commits.

These additionally contribute to the prevalence of the error. However, the circumstances listed beneath also can play an element in producing this error:

  • Rejection of Commits
  • Blockage of a Non-Fast Forward Push
  • Invalid File-Size
  • Absence of Access Right to Push Commits
  • Pushing to a protected department
  • Rewriting historical past
  • Servers are down

– Rejection of Commits

The pre-receive hook declined error is prone to happen as a result of rejection of commits by the pre-receive hook of the related repo. As a user-configurable script, its work is to investigate the incoming commits.

In this fashion, it decides their suitability, comparable to their acceptance into that repo. However, the difficulty could also be with the setup on the server aspect if the maintainer and person are the identical folks.

– Blockage of a Non-fast Forward Push

Conducting an try on a non-fast ahead push is another excuse that may trigger the error as a result of hook blocking it. It pushes a commit in direction of the related server and then rewrites it domestically. Rewriting it could actually embrace git rebase, git reset, git filter-branch, or another mode of manipulation with the historical past. After that, the rewritten commit is pushed again to the server.

This execution depends on dealing with pre-receive occasions and is completed by writing scripts enabled by ScriptRunner. The occasions are propagated when the customers push the related adjustments earlier than the time of acceptance within the repository.

It’s a kind of hook that permits a blockage of the push request so the related message will be returned to the person.

This solely happens as a result of nonfulfillment of explicit circumstances the place the built-in content material is used to implement workflow. Its instance can embrace the prevention of rewriting historical past on launch branches or masters.

Moreover, the deletion of launch tags will be blocked, and direct adjustments will be prevented on any launch department. Lastly, sure teams of customers will also be blocked from the modifications of delicate code.

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– Invalid File-Size

The invalid file-size is another excuse why this error happens. The measurement of a single particular person file has the best restrict of round 120MB. For instance, a file will be listed in Visual Studio with the utilization of “.gitignore”, even whether it is dedicated.

Detailed details about the error will be obtained utilizing “git cli”. Mainly, the pre-receive hook is declined as an end result of the involvement of an enormous file and, in flip, validates the push.

– Absence of Access Right to Push Commits

Incorrect entry rights also can consequence within the “hook declined” error for the person. They can’t push a commit to the suitable department, for instance, grasp. It is essential to notice that the department being pushed will be protected.

– Pushing to a Protected Branch

The hook error can occur if the person pushes to a protected department that they don’t have permission or entry to push. In this case, the maintainer of the repository has not permitted the person to push to this department.

– Rewriting History

Some git providers, equivalent to BitBucket, include a particular flag to stop builders from rewriting the historical past of a git department. To see this setting in BitBucket, go to Branch Permissions and verify the Allow rewriting department historical past flag.

– Servers Are Down

Sometimes this error can happen as a result of the git internet hosting servers are down. The person can verify their Git internet hosting service’s official Twitter feed to see if so. In such circumstances, the individual has to attend for these servers to be up once more.

How To Fix Pre Receive Hook Declined Error?

In order to repair pre-receive hook declined error, this system wants particular options, equivalent to; an inquiry aimed on the entity that may remedy the distant rejected commits, operating “git pull – rebase”, and forcible updates will repair the blockage of a non-fast ahead push.

Furthermore, the final commit will be eliminated in order that invalid file measurement will be prevented from inflicting the error. The error will be managed within the following methods which might be given beneath:

– Solve the Rejection of Commits

To remedy the rejection of commits, the primary line of the response ought to be an inquiry directed in direction of the entity charged with the repo’s maintainability.

Using this methodology can also be thought of good apply to request that entity for help in phrases of updating the hook. This approach, the causes for the rejection will be successfully identified.

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– Running Git-pull – Rebase

Simply run “git-pull – rebase” earlier than the native adjustments are rebased to the latest codebase by the pushing mechanism. Doing so will remedy the blockage concern. Usually, it is strongly recommended to not change something within the historical past on a repo pulled by different entities.

However, the person can do forcible updates if both no different entity is pulled from the related repo or it’s a personal repo.

With these new updates, “git push –f” or “git push origin +master” can work as they each keep away from the verify as a substitute for a non-fast ahead push. They robotically replace the content material of the related server to a brand new revision and abandon the preliminary revision, which is, finally, rubbish collected.

– Addition of a Pre–Receive Hook

To repair the error, the person can use an extra pre-receive hook. To do that, the navigation pathway is taken from Admin to Script Pre Hooks with the addition of a handler comparable to clicking a heading.

The Custom script hook can then be chosen for the utilization of their scripts by the customers. However, this utilization will depend on the person’s determination to allow the push or not.

– Diagnosable Conditions of Built-in Pre-receive Hooks

Most of the pre-received built-in hooks are used relying on an arbitrary situation. By utilizing this strategy, diagnosable circumstances make it doable for the customers to see the aim of a hook software. Remember that the hook is utilized for the pushed adjustments in its error message.

This methodology can be utilized with the “protect git references hook” to point out the person how adjustments can immediate the blockage of their push by the hook. Below is an instance that makes use of a situation to confirm each commit creator’s validity.

def authors = refChanges.getCommitAuthors(repository)
if (! (it instanceof UtilityUser))
def individual = it as User hookMessage << “$ – $user.emailAddress is not a Bitbucket usern”.toString() return true
return false

Here, the situation checks the authors as legitimate Bitbucket customers together with a show of these absent within the pre-receive hook declined Bitbucket error message.

– Disabling Force-Pushes

To remedy the error, totally disable power pushes with the assistance of the obtain.denyNonFastForwards configuration choice. Doing so will even resolve the git error and blocked non-fast ahead push. Most of the time, this selection is on default operational standing for shared repositories. Thus, the perfect measure entails the deletion and recreation of the department.

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This methodology, nevertheless, is right solely when a push needs to be pressured utilizing git push origin “master:master” and “origin:master”. This seems as grasp, grasp pre-receive hook declined and primary, and primary pre-receive hook declined.

For a shared repository, the “denyNonFastForwards” choice is operational for a particular motive. This implies that each entity that makes use of “denyNonFastForwards” has to make sure that they’re efficiently rebased onto the related new historical past.

Furthermore, pushing new commits on prime of a shared repository is normally advisable. This is as a result of these commits repair any downside of the entity, and “git revert” is used for the technology of commits in an effort to undo the adjustments of the preliminary commits.


1. Is Pre-receive Hook Declined a Common Error?

Yes, the git “pre-receive hook declined” error message is a standard error confronted by builders whereas utilizing a git internet hosting service, equivalent to; Gitlab, Github, or BitBucket. Usually, this error occurs as a result of the developer lacks permission to push to a particular department.

2. Why Use a Pre-receive Hook within the Remote Repository?

Pre-receive hooks permit the person to manage which commits will go into their repository earlier than pushes are dedicated or pull requests are merged. For instance, a pre-receive hook reject pushes to the repository when sure circumstances will not be fulfilled correctly.


This information simplifies the idea of this error and explains the circumstances that trigger it in addition to the procedures which might be required in an effort to remedy it. Here is a recap of the details which have been lined on this article:

  • When the commits are rejected by the pre-receive hook of the repo fairly ceaselessly, the error happens.
  • Any sort of file with a complete measurement of greater than 120MB will even contribute to the error prevalence.
  • The “absence of accurate access right” implies that a commit will be pushed to the related department to trigger the error.
  • The blockage of a non-fast ahead push is solved by operating “git-pull –rebase” earlier than the native adjustments are rebased to the latest codebase.
  • The invalid file-size concern will be resolved by eradicating the final commit, utilizing “git reset –smooth HEAD∼1 and excluding the related file from it.

This information is detailed sufficient for the reader to verify again anytime and clear their ideas in case they’ve any doubts whereas eliminating this error. Thank you for studying!

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