The best sites to see a UFC fight in live streaming

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UnliHowThe best sites to see a UFC fight in live streaming

The UFC is the best-known American mixed martial arts (MMA) championship in the world in the discipline. The problem for the fans is to be able to watch the games without paying too much. That’s good, we present to you the best free UFC streaming sites.

Internet streaming is the best alternative to traditional television. It allows you to watch the program of the channel of your choice easily on your laptop, computer or tablet. But often, the “digital” offer leads to additional costs. Fortunately, there are also completely free — and illegal — streaming sites that bring together all the broadcasts of many paid programs such as the UFC. Here are the main sites to see his MMA fight.

RMC, the legal offer to watch his MMA fight

The first site is the official broadcaster in France. RMC Sport is the best way to see the UFC. But this option has a cost: a subscription to the offer RMC Sport 100% digital » is offered at € 19.99 per month. If you decide to take the plunge, you will be able to attend all UFC events with also access to all replays of the fights. In addition to the UFC, it is also possible to have access to Bellator and PFL, the other two MMA championships. A complete offer not to be missed if you can afford it.

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UFCstreamsthe free streaming site specializing in the UFC

By using images from official competition broadcasters, free streaming sites allow everyone to watch their MMA match without any problem! This is the case of UFCstreams who happened specialized in broadcasting UFC championship matches. This site allows you to choose the fight you want to follow.

Simply choose a link on the home page that will redirect you to another site to view your content. This redirection makes it possible to illegally use images of the fight on a platform different from the “mother site” so as not to deal directly with rights holders and authorities.

Ufc Championship Streaming Mma Fight
The Best Sites To See A Ufc Fight In Live Streaming 6

Crackstreams, a UFC streaming site but not only

A site similar to UFCstreams exists and differs in that it also offers NBA, NFL or F1 matches. In effect, Crackstreams offers a larger catalog, but has the same interface as the first site: coincidence?

Waiting, the site works very well and allows you to see your fight easily and for free. The procedure, you know it: choose the link of the fight you are looking for and view its content after removing the popups (note: the site does not work with adblock, so you will have to deactivate it).

Stream2watch, the best free streaming site to watch the UFC

This site is a little more generalist than the others since it offers the possibility of seeing many sports ranging from football to F1 via golf and MMA. The UFC is therefore a category of the free streaming site Stream2Watch where you can watch your fights for free. Good news, Adblock works on this site and will prevent you from receiving numerous unwanted advertisements and popups.

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CricFree, access to the BT Sport 1 channel for all UFC fights

The CricFree streaming site provides access to several TV channels in the world for free and without the need for a VPN. Thus, you can go live on the English channel BT Sport 1, which broadcasts the UFC fights.

To access it, go to the website during your fight. You will then be directly redirected to the live channel broadcasting the UFC. The free streaming site works with Adblock, so no ads while watching.

Ufc Championship Live Streaming
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MatchTV, free streaming sites with VPN

Another site is only available if you have a VPN and choose Russia as your hosting country. If you are looking for the best VPN for this type of use, you can refer to our comparison of the best VPNs on the market. Once you have your virtual private network and you have chosen Russia, you can join the platform and watch your MMA fight.

Attention, the site is in Russian: difficult to understand the menus. It will therefore be necessary to translate the page with the “Google Translate” extension to see more clearly.

On the same principle, other foreign channels broadcast the UFC. With a VPN, you can access your content but in a different language. By choosing the United States, find your fight on ESPN +. Similarly, in Germany, the site of the DAZN channel provides access to MMA.

To see an MMA fight for free, streaming sites are available on computer, tablet or laptop. The content they offer is illegal, but allows you to watch the UFC for free. Just type the url of these sites on your search engine to access them.

What is the best site to stream the UFC?

Want to watch your MMA fight? There are many sites ranging from the legal (and paid) offer with RMC Sport to free streaming sites such as Crackstreams or UFCstreams. For more information, find the different addresses in our article.

Most of the free streaming sites we offer are illegal sincethey use the images of the official broadcasters without their agreement. Viewing content on these sites is therefore an offense and punishable by law. It’s free, but at your own risk!

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