the AI ​​that creates ultra-realistic photos

The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra-Realistic Photos

Midjourney, the image-generating AI specialized in creating strikingly realistic photos, is evolving with a version 5 that produces even more impressive results. Enough to compete with real photographers…

Image-generating AIs fascinate internet users by creating in seconds, via simple text requests, incredible images with a wide variety of artistic styles. Abstract painting, manga drawing, realistic photo… Nothing is impossible! DALL-E, created by the developers of ChatGPT, and its rival Midjourney are among the artificial intelligences that offer the most beautiful renderings. The latter also experienced, on March 15, 2023, a serious improvement with the alpha release of its fifth version (v5), allowing it to generate much more realistic and detailed images. Particular care was given to the eyes and hands – which tended to have only four fingers. On AI’s Twitter accountthe developers explain that Midjourney v5 “provides significantly higher image quality, more production variety, wider stylistic range, support for seamless textures, wider aspect ratios, better image enticement, wider dynamic range And much more”. And in view of the results, the tool – which was already promising – becomes even more impressive! But not sure if that’s to the taste of the artists, because it will be even more difficult to distinguish an AI-generated work from a human-made work, not to mention the copyright issues – which of the user or AI is the real author? And what about the real creations of artists who have been used to fuel Midjourney?

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Midjourney version 5: how to generate images?

Unlike other image-generating AIs, which are accessible on a simple web page, you have to go to a Discord server to be able to take advantage of Midjourney’s services. The use is also a little more complex, since it is necessary to use “prompts” – kinds of commands – to describe to the bot the desired result. The AI ​​then generates four results, and command buttons allow you to indicate which one you want to go to, so that it generates four new ones. Be careful, you are in a public room on Discord. Also, all the commands that you will enter as well as the images generated will be visible to all Internet users. You may find it difficult to find your way at first among the stream of photos created. Finally, it is better to enter the commands in English to have a more precise result. Here’s how to take advantage of version 5 of Midjourney:

► First of all, you must have a Discord account. Connect to yours or create one.

► Once connected to the desktop application, click on compassin the left sidebar, to explore public servers.

The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► In the search bar, type Midjourney and do Enter. Click on the first result Midjourney, the one with the green certification.

1679074419 56 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► Click on the message at the top of the server to join it, via an invitation.

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► You are then accepted, and will see new chat rooms appear in the left menu, where you can interact with the community. To start generating images with version 4 of Midjourney, go to one of the channels starting with #newbies and enter your prompts.

1679074421 188 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► To use version 5 of Mijourney, you must subscribe to a paid subscription with your account. To do this, type the command /subscribe and click on it. Done Enter.

1679074422 895 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► Midjourney responds to you by generating a link. Click on it.

1679074424 944 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► A web page opens. Choose the subscription that suits you and follow the steps to subscribe to it.

1679074425 345 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos

► Once done, return to the Discord channel. Type /settings in the input field and click on the command.

► Option buttons appear below your message. Click on GM version 5 in order to permanently activate version 5 of Midjourney.

► You can also use this version optionally. Just add -v 5 in your prompt, as in the following example: /imagine dog wearing a yellow hat, photo, realistic –aspect 3:2 –v 5.

All you have to do is get to work and admire the result!

1679074427 919 The Ai ​​That Creates Ultra Realistic Photos
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