The 11 Best Combo Cards For Wong in Marvel Snap

The 11 Best Combo Cards For Wong In Marvel Snap

Wong is among the tier 1 playing cards and is essentially the most focused by gamers MarvelSnap. Because this one card has superb and helpful talents.

Where he can double the On Reveal impact that happens in a location. And when that is mixed with a number of playing cards, the impact is extraordinary.

Then what playing cards are good combo with Wong? Next, Jakarta Studio will present some suggestions for you.

Wong Marvel Snap Card Best Combo

Wong is a card that could be very versatile and can be utilized for varied sorts of decks. It’s no marvel that he’s so focused and desires to be obtained by each participant MarvelSnap.

Now, for these of you who could have simply gotten a Wong card however do not know how one can maximize his talents, you possibly can consult with the next dialogue.

1. Odin

Odin is among the finest playing cards and fits Wong very nicely. Because Odin has the flexibility to reactivate the On Reveal impact from a card.

And if mixed with Wong, it is going to trigger an On Reveal impact which is repeated in order that will probably be superb.

2.White Tigers

The subsequent card that can also be good to play with Wong is the White Tiger. Where the flexibility of this card is to summon 7 energy tigers to different areas.

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If with out Wong, he’ll solely be capable of summon 1 tiger, however with Wong he can summon 2 tigers directly. That’s nice, is not it?

3. Ironheart

Don’t neglect that Ironheart has at all times been Wong’s finest companion card. Where he is ready to give +2 energy to three random playing cards in our discipline.

With Wong, Ironheart can provide a complete of +12 energy, you already know. Especially if mixed with Odinthen the impact will likely be even crazier.

4. Black Panthers

Furthermore, you may as well mix Wong with Black Phantom. Where Black Panther himself has the flexibility to double his energy.

If usually he has a base energy of 4 and doubles it to eight, then with Wong the On Reveal impact will happen 2x and his energy will double once more to 16.

5. Gamora

For this one, it is a bit tough as a result of Gamora’s talents require good prediction abilities.

When your opponent performs a card in the identical location as you play Gamora, he’ll get +7 energy.

And if there may be Wong, then the impact is multiplied to +14 in order that Gamora’s complete energy is nineteen.


Maybe not among the best, however Forge will also be an alternate combo choice with Wong.

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Its capacity is to offer +2 energy on the subsequent card you play. And if with Wong, then the impact could be +4 energy.

7. Ghost Rider

For those that play Discard deck, Wong and Ghost Rider could be a superb combo, you already know.

Ghost Rider can resurrect one of many playing cards that you’ve discarded out of your hand. And with Wong, he can’t solely convey again 1 card, however change into 2 playing cards directly.

8. Lady Sif and (*11*)

These two playing cards have certainly change into a combo that’s inseparable from one another. Lady Sif has the flexibility to discard 1 card with the best price.

Usually the goal is (*11*) which has an impact whether it is discarded it is going to return with a further +4 energy.

So for those who put Lady Sif the place Wong is, then the impact will happen 2x in order that it offers +8 energy to (*11*).

9. Rescue

The combo is considerably simpler to do than Gamora. Because Rescue has the flexibility to get +5 energy if in the subsequent flip you play a card the place it’s situated.

And with Wong, this impact will likely be multiplied in order that Rescue can get a further +10 energy to 14 energy.

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10. Silver Surver

One of the most recent playing cards obtainable at Marvel Snap, it instantly goes as much as Meta Tier 1. Its capacity is to offer +3 energy to playing cards with 3 prices.

So for those who mix it with Wong, he can provide +6 energy to every card at a value of three in your discipline. Of course it could possibly be an incredible enhance in energy.

11. Spider Woman

Finally there may be Spider Woman, one of many cartoons that is excellent to make use of. When On Reveal, it is going to give -1 impact to each opponent’s card in that location.

If mixed with Wong, the impact will happen 2x and every opponent’s card in that location will likely be diminished by 2.


So, these are one of the best playing cards so that you can mix with Wong. So that later you possibly can maximize the impact that the cardboard has.

Hopefully the knowledge above could be helpful for all of us. Also stay up for updating different attention-grabbing articles which after all it is a disgrace for those who miss them.

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