The 10 best sound equalizers for Android

The 10 Best Sound Equalizers For Android

When we talk about music apps for Android we always think about music players. These play a great role in having a good sound experience. Now, if you are one of those who likes control and tweak sound settings for the best listening qualitythen you can not bypass the audio equalizers either.

In Android the issue of equalizers is a bit scattered. Some music players include their own equalizer, while other apps like YouTube Music don’t even take it into account.

The best sound equalizers for Android

If you are looking for an equalizer to listen to music on Spotify, first of all remember that Spotify already has its own equalizer, although it is a bit hidden. Go to “Home”, click on the gear icon to enter Spotify settings and find the “Equalizer” option. There you’ll find Spotify’s native 5-band equalizer with bass boost and surround sound.

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From there, if you want an equalizer that works for you across the board regardless of which app you’re using to play music or audio, check out these equalizer apps for Android.

poweramp equalizer

If you are looking for a good equalizer for Android, start with Poweramp’s. It has several options that are not usually seen in other equalizers, and it is also quite intuitive, easy to use and has a good interface design.

Poweramp’s EQ features a customizable number of bands (you can scale them up or down at will up to a maximum of 32 bands), it also includes a preamp, limiter and compressor, pan control, assignable presets for each specific device and more . A delight.

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Wavelet is a specific equalizer for use with headphones, and it has Optimizations already established for more than 3,400 headphone models different. The app is quite recent (it was released in 2020), and it has an elegant design that makes it look great on the eyes and stands out from other similar apps.

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At the level of options, Wavelet offers us a 9-band equalizer and several predefined presets according to the Harman curve, which is supposed to be the optimal sound frequency for listening to music with headphones.

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Boom is much more than an equalizer. In fact, in addition to the equalizer, it also includes a radio with more than 20,000 stations, podcasts, a local music player, connection to TIDAL, and cloud playback with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and pCloud.

When it comes to sound settings, Boom features proprietary surround sound technology that works with any headset, with a 3D sound that makes it seem like the audio is coming from 7 different places. It also includes an 8-band equalizer with 22 preset equalizations and the ability to save our own custom equalization.

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Flat Equalizer

Flat Equalizer features a full set of features, such as a 10 band equalizera bass booster, sound amplifier, reverb, several pre-defined presets and 3D virtualizer.

On an aesthetic level, the app presents a minimalist interface based on Material Design, where everything is managed from a single central panel. The application is free, although it shows a small ad in the lower area that is not too annoying.

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Neutralizer is an app that is different from the rest of the equalizers that we can find on Android. When opening the application for the first time, instead of showing us the typical equalizer, we will have to carry out a small sound test. This will serve to create a personalized profile from scratch adjusted 100% to our listeners.

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The app is free and ad-free, though you can only save a configuration profile. If you want more profiles then you will have to upgrade to the premium version. The app hasn’t been updated since 2016, and even today it continues to receive rave reviews. If you are looking for something different, take a look at Neutralizer.

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Music Volume EQ+

The most downloaded free equalizer on Android and one of the best valued. incorporates a 5-band graphic equalizer ranging from 60Hz to 14kHzwith 9 presets already configured, volume enhancer and a bass enhancer.

Users can also make and save their own presets, although the level of customization is a bit limited in some sections, since it does not allow you to modify settings such as presence. Anyway, it works great with most streaming platforms like Spotify and for listening to locally stored music.

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EqualizerFX Pro

One of the easiest equalizers to use that we can find in Android. It features a simple interface with a 5-band equalizer, 12 ready-made presets, and 3 different effects: Bass Boost, Virtualization, and Volume Booster.

These effects can be modified gradually, adding or subtracting part of the effect to achieve the desired result. It also has a widget that we can add to the home screen. Although the interface design is not the most attractive in the world, it is a good equalizer that goes straight to the point.

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Bass Booster & Equalizer

One of the most downloaded bass enhancers on android. The application has a 5-band equalizer and a 3D effect that we can apply to achieve surround sound. In addition, it includes 16 presets that work quite well and a widget for the home screen.

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The only drawback that we can put is that it has ads, although we can eliminate them by watching videos. It’s not the ideal solution, but since it’s a free app, we can’t ask for much more.

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All-in-one application that includes a player as well as an equalizer that allows us to use other apps while listening to music in the background. As for its functions, the equalizer has a 7-band panel, as well as a bass enhancer and 10 presets for different styles of music (classical, rock, electronic, etc.)

It also includes a “DJ mode”, visualizers to display sound with visual effects, and the ability to save your own EQ settings. The free version of the app includes all the functions, but with ads (quite long, by the way, but at least they can be removed by buying the pro version for less than 2 euros).

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Music Equalizer

Definitely the equalization app with the best interface design: includes 18 customization themes with different colors, each one with its wheels and scrollable buttons, which makes it look like we are in front of a mixing console.

Beyond the visual section, Music Equalizer features a 10-band equalizer, with surround sound effect, virtualizer effect, and 10 preset equalizers, in addition to the typical volume and bass boosters that we see in most similar apps.

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These are some of the best equalizers that we can find on Android today. Which one do you stay with?

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