Telkomsel Message Center Number 2023

Telkomsel Message Center Number 2023
Telkomsel Message Center Number

Telkomsel Message Center Number – If you have failed or had problems sending messages, there may be an error in the message center number on the cell phone.

To overcome this you have to reconfigure by entering the message center number code according to the provider used, namely the message center number on your cellphone.

Telkomsel’s message center number is +6281100000, you can enter this number into the SMSC settings on your cellphone, this message center number is valid for Halo, AS, and Simpati card services.

Telkomsel Message Center Number

1. How to set a Telkomsel message center number on an Android SMSC

Telkomsel Message Center Number
How to Set a Telkomsel Message Center Number on an Android SMSC
SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is a network setting whose function is to store, amplify, and forward short messages to other devices.

This SMSC is the same as the special code number to set the message center number. In addition, each provider also has a different message center number code.

If you already know the number, you can set the message center number in the following way:

  • First you open the messaging or SMS application on the cellphone you are using.
  • After that you click “Settings”.
  • Then you click “Other settings”.
  • If so, then you click “Text message”
  • Next you click “Message Center”.
  • Then you enter the message center number into the column provided and you click “Set”.
  • Finished.
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If you have finished carrying out the steps above, then make sure that the Telkomsel message center number is successfully active.

But if you don’t have SMS settings on your cellphone, then there is another way to make settings, namely by using the Dial pad.

How to make settings with the Dial pad, you can do it in the following way:

  • First you open the Dial pad.
  • After that, enter the code number *#*#4636#*#* in the Dial pad column.
  • Then several new menus will appear regarding SIM card information on the cellphone, then you select phone information.
  • Then you scroll down until you find the SMSC column.
  • Then you type in the SMSC number according to what was previously mentioned.
  • If so, click the “Update” button.
  • After that, try restarting your cellphone so that the system updates the configuration of the SMSC.
  • Finished.

Usually, to make settings using the SMSC, it is often used on the latest Xiaomi Android phones.

Hopefully these steps can make it easier for you to fix the error that occurs.

2. Function of Telkomsel Message Center Number

Telkomsel Message Center Number
Function of Telkomsel Message Center Number
There are several functions contained in the Telkomsel message center number, namely:
  • To strengthen the network.
  • To store and process short messages that you send.
  • Can forward short messages to the intended device.
  • As the identity of the provider you are using.
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However, if you cannot send a message or it fails, then there is an error with the message center number on your cellphone.

To overcome this, you must reset your message center number using the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) so that it can return to normal.

The final word

Hopefully the discussion above can add to your knowledge and you can adjust or fix if there is a failure in sending messages.

With this way of managing the problem, so you can still send or reply to messages to your relatives.

Tell your friends or relatives about the information you got from the discussion above.

That’s all the contents of the article about Telkomsel message center number which can be explained which can add to your insight into the discussion.

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