Take Screenshots to Video in Windows 11

Take Screenshots To Video In Windows 11

No need to go through third-party software to film what is happening on the screen of a Windows 11 PC: with the Moment 2 update, Microsoft is providing a new version of its Screen Capture Tool software capable of recording also videos.

To “film” what is happening on the screen of a PC, for example to make demonstrations or tutorials, it was necessary until now to use a dedicated tool. Microsoft provides one within the Xbox Game Bar, primarily dedicated to gamers looking to memorize epic gaming sessions. Other free tools also exist, such as the excellent OBS Studio (see its instructions in our practical sheet). However, with the Windows 11 Moment 2 update deployed since the end of February 2023 (read our article), Microsoft wanted to simplify access to this type of function. The publisher has thus directly added it to Screen Capture Tool, its free utility integrated into Windows for several years.

In fact, in version 11.2302.4.0, a new button, symbolized by the icon of a camera, takes place in the interface of this minimalist but effective tool. A few clicks are now enough to start a video recording of everything that takes place on the screen or in a defined area. You will then enjoy a video file in MP4 format but without an audio track, only with the image. Indeed, unlike the Xbox Game Bar, it is not possible here to record sound directly during video capture: it will have to be added afterwards, in editing software, such as Clipchamp, the tool delivered with Windows 11 (see our practical sheet).

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Finally, note that this new function of the Snipping Tool only concerns the latest version of Windows 11. Cannot take advantage of it in earlier versions of the system, nor in Windows 10, even if you get your hands on it. the installation package as we have been able to verify. A way for Microsoft to encourage people to switch to their new operating system…

How to record screen video with Windows 11 Snipping Tool?

To troubleshoot a loved one by showing him the operations to be carried out on his PC or simply to keep track of something that is happening on your PC screen? The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 can now record videos.

► Search for the Windows Snipping Tool by typing its name in the search field on the taskbar and launch it.

Take Screenshots To Video In Windows 11

► The program looks the same as before. With one slight nuance. Click on the news camera-shaped icon that appeared in the toolbar.

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► Prepare for recording. Now click on the button + New. You must now trace with the mouse the frame that will define the area of ​​the screen that will be recorded. Once the frame is in place, you can further adjust its size by stretching the handles distributed around the four edges.

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► Is the area you want to “film” correctly defined? Now click on the button To start up, placed at the top of the screen. After a three-second countdown, recording starts.

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► To cancel it, click on the icon in the shape of a garbage can. To pause it, click the button Break. Finally, to stop it, click on the red button.

Take Screenshots To Video In Windows 11

► After stopping the recording, you can immediately see the result by starting the playback. If you’re happy with that, click the button shaped like a floppy diskat the top right of the toolbar to save it.

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► All you have to do is give the file a name and save it – in MP4 format – in your storage space.

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