Stardew Valley Mods – How to Add Mods?

Stardew Valley Mods – How To Add Mods?
Stardew Valley

Mods for Stardew Valley can enhance the expertise for brand new gamers or give veterans a breath of recent air. Mods enhance Stardew Valley considerably in some ways.

The hottest farming simulator within the gaming business has a strong modding group that gives something from extra crops and skins to new playable characters. Mods for Stardew Valley can vary from minor enhancements to the sport’s current options to a whole remake.

Stardew Valley: How to Add Mods

Most PC customers that play Stardew Valley have performed so by the favored digital distribution platform Steam. This article explains how to get Stardew Valley add-ons for Steam.

  1. Go to the Stardew Valley web page on Nexus Mods.
  2. Get the latest SMAPI and Content Patcher variations from their web sites.
  3. Launch Stardew Valley by navigating to its Windows folder
  4. Place the SMAPI archive within the Stardew Valley folder.
  5. Launch the installer (discovered within the SMAPI folder), however don’t shut the window.
  6. After set up, copy the installer’s directions for the place to go and what to do to the clipboard.
  7. Open Steam Library, right-click Stardew Valley and select Properties
  8. On the “General” tab, copy and paste the installer’s vacation spot and command into the “Launch Options” field.
  9. Go again to the Stardew Valley folder and discover the Mods folder that was simply added.
  10. Put the Content Patcher information within the Mods folder.
  11. Extract the downloaded mods into the Mods folder, holding each in its folder
    First, get SMAPI and Content Patcher to modify Stardew Valley. Nexus Mods has one of the best mods. Stardew Valley stability is degraded with out the newest SMAPI and Content Patcher.
    It’s really useful to use SMAPI as a place to begin after which to add the Content Patcher to the Mods folder that SMAPI will create. Make positive Stardew Valley is about to launch by way of StardewModdingAPI.exe after that. The SMAPI installer offers a command that makes this course of easy. You ought to see one thing like this if you happen to exit the installer with out transferring it:

“C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonStardew ValleyStardewModdingAPI.exe” %command%

The command is the trail to the SMAPI installer’s StardewModdingAPI.exe file. Add this command to Stardew Valley’s Steam begin settings to allow SMAPI. This, along with the Content Patcher, will enable gameplay modifications. Unpack downloaded modules into the Modules folder. Unorganized Mods folders have an effect on playability.

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Reskin mods could not essentially go in the primary Mods folder. Stardew Valley mods usually reskin NPCs and animals. Many will be applied by changing Stardew Valley’s Content folder information. This needs to be on the readme and obtain web page.


There is a big and lively modding group for Stardew Valley, however it isn’t the one certainly one of its variety. If you’ve got every other long-forgotten online game passions, there are most likely 1000’s of mods on the market simply ready to be resurrected by you.

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