Shardbearers Elden Ring – Latest information Updates

Shardbearers Elden Ring – Latest Information Updates

After learning about the game, completing Ran’s quest and the ending, and basing my theory on the trailer, I came to the following conclusions about who broke the Alden ring:

What we know from the game’s text and dialogue;

Rani causes a shock by indirectly killing herself and destroying the soul of Gold, Godwin. Makes him the prince of death. This event caused a great conflict that tore the kingdoms apart, as all the Orbearers used the Great Runes that formed the Ring of Alden to destroy the land in a long struggle for power. Ranni is a moon princess of the Kariya royal family who once worshiped and studied the stars and the moon. An ardent wielder of the Golden Order, Karia gave up her rune when she committed suicide in the Divine Tower. Half of the mark is the mark of death on his face and the other half is the golden spirit that killed Godwin.

I think his motivation was:

Rani Alden is a creator of beauty in the ring. He did this to free the land from the power of the Great Will. Erdtree, born of the Great Will and the Alden beast he sent, appeared as a parasite from outer space. It is possible that Ranni, as the Prince of the Moon, tried to free and reclaim the land between the stars and the moon, and gave power to the people of the Midlands they explored before Erdtre’s time. He was not a direct authority that directly affected the world, but the people took up his authority.


However, it seems that Marika broke her cycle of grief after the release of Princess of Death as the teaser for Marika’s hammer suggests:

The Stone Hammer was created outside of Middle-earth in the land of Numen. The tool Queen Marika used to break Alden’s ring and Radagon tried to fix it.

After the ring broke, the hammer was partially broken, adorned with runic fragments.

That’s why I came to this conclusion.

Moon Prince Ranni was one of the swordsmen who defied the Great Will and sacrificed his life to burn himself atop Liurnia Lakes Sky Tower. To save her life, she transforms into Rae the Snow Witch and takes the form of a doll, which can be found in Rae’s Ascension quest.

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In Rani’s storyline, she takes revenge on the Two Fingers, who represent the Great Will’s control of the universe and the Golden Rule. Despite his past, he plans to destroy these items for unknown reasons.

The Great Will, who controls Queen Marika and Radhagan of the Golden Order, is revealed at the end of the game as a being known as the Alden Monster. This being appears to be an extradimensional phenomenon. Because of this incident I think the Rani found out and so she killed herself and cast her great rune. He will probably break away from his influence and break Alden’s ring and release the other fragments.

The great will is clearly using the oath to gain power. For example, he managed to convince Radha to block the stars while his other forces tried to enter the center. Noxtella, an invalid Estelle who lives in the lower levels of the Eternal City, points this out. Completing Ren’s Ascension quest will grant you Estelle, the natural secret of the void.

Rani’s quest also suggests that she needs the Fingerslaying Blade of Knockron, the Eternal City, to free herself and continue on her terrifying path. He will then give you the reverse statue which will allow you to get to the top of the Carrion Tower where his corpse is. A “Curse Mark of Death” was found on the body and the text suggests that Rani was the first demigod to die. He kills not only himself, but also the soul of the “Prince of Death”. He killed Rani’s body but not her soul. Who now lives in the doll where he lives and kills the soul of the prince of death, not a body. The text of the curse mark is:

A curse mark is carved into the witch queen’s discarded body. It was also known as the polypedic half-wheel wound.

This curse mark was carved after the death of the first demigod and was believed to be circular.

However, the two demigods died at the same time, splitting the curse mark into two demi-wheels.

Rani was the first of the gods to have her body destroyed and the prince of death died in one soul.

Disarray starts when the “Sovereign of Death” is delivered. In these remains, the Sovereign forfeited herself to break Alden’s ring, making him break. The objective is to dispose of the Two fingers and the Incomparable Will that controls the Law of Nature and usher in another period. The Sovereign of Death was once known as Godwin the Brilliant, as proven by the engraving on the Pustule ornament of the Ruler of Death which peruses:

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Fat is eliminated from the front of the body. The power increments. (The force of life drives protection from the impacts of death.)

It is said that this issue comes from the Sovereign of Death previously known as Godwin. As the first of the divine beings to kick the bucket, he is said to have been covered under the capital, under the tree of the earth.


The player’s association assisted him with prevailing in his excursion. He said he had two fingers toward the finish of his examination. When the “two fingers” of the round table quit giving “guidelines” and begin “looking for additional directions”, this is the time as per the degree of show about eliminating wood and thistles from the earth.

Maybe Rani needed to annihilate the Law of Nature and the Incomparable Will, as she revered another god, who appeared as the moon. Her past demonstrates this since Moon Princess Rani is a Carian princess. The Karian regal family made the Glinstone spell and got its power straightforwardly from the force of the stars and moon before the Radah and the Brilliant Request assumed control over the stars and finished their impact on The planet. The illustrious groups of Carion and Caria lived before the hour of the Erdtree, meaning they were in the land before the Ring of Elden was assembled and the Erdtree was constructed. Subsequent to killing the as it were “god” in the game, an old beast, and calling the old Moon Rani, he makes sense of why he changed to uncover the dark round blemish all over.

“With every animal and every soul, the age of the stars has come. A journey of 1,000 years to see the moon. Here it is, Eve of fear that surrounds everyone, comes to the strange neighbor …, while the road I said with confidence: indeed. , That’s how we protect, my faithful friend forever.

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Mage Selene (from the Seluvis Rhys questline) recognizes the stars and moon as the Earth Tree (and what it addresses) when she converses with him and enlightens him concerning the Glinstone and the way things are like Gold. Golden A few sages say that golden is the water of the earth tree. Selene says golden contains remainders of previous existences and powers. Glinstone is supposed to be comparable, then again, actually all life is astral energy. The Glintstones were worked before the production of the Earth Tree and address the progression of the stars and the moon before the last rule of the Brilliant Rule.

Renala (the Sovereign Mother), Sovereign of Caria, and Radagon of the Brilliant Request wed, finishing the conflict between the Earth Tree and the Moon Tree. This shows that the Earth Tree and the Brilliant Request once attempted to annihilate the Place of the Moon, maybe on the grounds that the Incomparable One needed to control every one of the spots between them. This demonstrates that the sovereign might have attempted to accommodate their families and their divine beings before the production of the Erdtree when the Eldon Monster tumbled to Earth.

After Godfrey, the principal Eldon Master, was expelled and deceived, Radagon left Renallan as Sovereign Marika’s subsequent spouse and the second Eldon Ruler.


I trust that the consummation of “Star Age” is the “great closure” of the game not due to the well known image of “affection” or anything, but since the game shows that the Brilliant Request, Erdtree is the Incomparable. . The arrangement is awful. They attempt to control the world with their impact on it and the power they control. The Rani releases the Wrecked to end Earth’s Most noteworthy Will. The objective is to help the player in his journey to restore the world to how it was in Gold Star. At the point when individuals were enabled by taking a gander at the stars as opposed to utilizing the force of an old divine god.

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