SH: React-scripts: Command Not Found: Fixing This Error

Sh: React-Scripts: Command Not Found: Fixing This Error

The sh: react-scripts: command not discovered error message might be solved by operating the npm set up react-scripts command. The person might should delete their node_modules listing or package-lock.json file.Sh React Scripts Command Not Found Fixing This Error

This article explains to the customers in regards to the causes and the proposed options to this error. Let’s start!

Why Does the SH: React-scripts: Command Not Found Error Message Occur?

The sh: react-scripts: command not discovered error message happens because of the unavailability of the package deal dependencies or utilizing two incompatible recordsdata collectively in a single program, equivalent to npm and yarn. Moreover, the absence of react–scripts package deal in your compiler additionally results in this error.

There are varied different causes behind the incidence of this error, and so they’re defined beneath.

  1. No package deal dependencies.
  2. Running npm set up over yarn.
  3. Syntax Error

– No Package Dependencies

The error message will happen if this system doesn’t have package deal dependencies. This is as a result of the programmer can’t kind this system in a movement if package deal.json doesn’t exist. This file is important for writing a program in Python as a result of it has all of the NPM registers which might be needed for this system.

The react undertaking should embrace a package deal.json earlier than any packages might be put in from NPM. An error will happen if it’s not put in, and this system won’t run easily.

– Running Npm Install Over Yarn

Installing and operating NPM begin however over yarn will trigger the command not discovered error message to come up. Additionally, when the npm run begin command is used, it executes the react-scripts begin command. This command might be made with out npm through the use of the command ./node_modules/.bin/react-scripts begin.1674319729 969 Sh React Scripts Command Not Found Fixing This Error

However, whether it is used with yarn, errors will happen as a result of npm and yarn are incompatible. If the programmer tries to run npm set up over yarn, it can additionally corrupt the tree.

– No React-scripts Package

When the react-script package deal shouldn’t be put in, this system will not run easily and can present varied completely different error messages, together with the “sh: react-scripts: command not found” error message. Upon execution of this system, the react-script won’t be acknowledged both.

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This package deal is extraordinarily necessary as a result of it has a node_modules listing and helps the package-lock.json file. This means if the react-script package deal shouldn’t be put in, the programmer won’t have entry to the dependencies both.

– Syntax Error

Programmers make varied syntax errors resulting from which a number of errors happen, together with the sh: react-scripts: command not discovered error message. Programmers typically make foolish spelling errors, use the operate within the improper place or unintentionally use the identical title for 2 recordsdata.

Due to those syntax errors, the programmer has to return throughout varied programming error messages, equivalent to:

  • sh: react-scripts: command not discovered mac
  • sh: react-scripts: command not discovered vercel
  • sh sgmf-scripts command not discovered
  • yarn react-scripts command not discovered
  • sh: react-scripts: not discovered docker

How To Solve the “SH: React-scripts: Command Not Found” Error Message?

You can clear up the sh: react-scripts: command not discovered error message by taking a number of steps, equivalent to Installing all of the dependencies earlier than coding or checking the syntax errors utilizing good software program that identifies them. Moreover, putting in react scripts can also be a viable resolution.

– Install All the package deal.json Dependencies

By putting in all of the dependencies, the error shall be eradicated. The package deal.json dependencies should be appropriately put in if the programmer is cloning and beginning the undertaking for the primary time. In order to perform this, the programmer can launch the terminal of their undertaking’s root listing, the place package deal.json is situated, and proceed by getting into the instructions listed beneath.


# Using NPM

npm set up

# Using yarn


The npm set up will make it possible for the entire package deal’s necessities are happy. JSON set up will happen within the node_modules folder. The programmer can try to make use of the drive flag, as talked about beneath if the set up fails for some cause.


Once the set up course of is accomplished, run the undertaking utilizing the npm begin command. The program ought to work completely now.

– Install the React Scripts

The programmer will efficiently eliminate the sh: react-scripts: command not discovered error message by putting in the react scripts. In instances the place the react-scripts package deal shouldn’t be current in this system, it can result in this problem displaying on the display screen.1674319731 97 Sh React Scripts Command Not Found Fixing This Error

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This will resolve the error and set up the react-scripts package deal, following the programming command beneath.

# Using NPM

npm set up react-scripts

# Using yarn

yarn add react-scripts

– Check the Corrupted Package-lock.json

If not one of the above options helped eradicate the error, then which means the package-lock.json or node_modules are corrupted. Therefore, examine if they’re working positive; if not, they’re corrupted. To repair this problem, observe the beneath steps:

  1. Delete the node_modules folder utilizing the command: Delete the package-lock.json /yarn.lock file.
  2. Clean the npm cache.
  3. Finally, Reinstall all of the dependencies.


# delete the node_modules

rm -rf node_modules

# delete the package-lock.json or yarn.lock

rm -f package-lock.json

rm -f yarn.lock

# clear the npm cache

npm cache clear –drive

# Install the dependencies

npm set up

– Ensure React-scripts Are Present within the Dependencies Object

Ensure that the react-scripts are current within the dependencies object, not within the devDependencies. The program will carry on displaying the error till the react-scripts aren’t discovered within the dependencies. Let’s take an instance for higher understanding.



“dependencies”: {

“react-scripts”: “5.0.0”,

“react”: “^18.0.0”,

“react-dom”: “^18.0.0”



The react-scripts shouldn’t be put in globally. Moreover, they need to be a undertaking dependency. Installing it globally might battle with the model the programmer is at the moment utilizing and trigger a number of different points.

– Delete Package-lock.json & Reinstall

The dependency tree utilized by npm and different related package deal managers for JavaScript-based purposes, together with react apps, is mirrored within the package-lock.json file. Every time the package deal.json or node modules tree is modified, it’s up to date.1674319732 225 Sh React Scripts Command Not Found Fixing This Error

When updating this file, errors can often occur (and often for unknown causes). The quickest repair is utilizing the npm set up command to recreate the file from scratch.

– Delete node_modules & Reinstall

Given that the node modules listing should be fully deleted, this technique takes somewhat longer. Run the npm set up command as soon as once more to obtain and set up all of the undertaking dependencies as soon as the listing has been deleted.

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Pay shut consideration to any errors or warnings which might be displayed since they might present data on the character of the difficulty.

– Remove Spaces and Special Characters From Path Names

In order to eliminate the error message, the programmer ought to keep away from areas and the utilization of particular characters on path names. In some circumstances, path resolvers might expertise issues if path names comprise areas or particular characters like &. Try changing any areas or different particular characters in your route names that aren’t “or” or “-”. Except for these two characters, all others will result in programming errors.

– Run Npm Audit

When a repair instruction is offered, the npm audit command will search a undertaking’s dependencies and apply it. This will change the undertaking’s dependency tree. A listing of deprecations, warnings, and different issues with the present dependency tree shall be produced by the npm audit restore command. Changes are made through the use of the drive possibility with the npm audit repair command.

Please take word that the drive possibility is hardly ever suggested and should lead to irreversible modifications to undertaking dependencies.

– Correct the Syntax Errors

It is necessary for the programmer to make use of the proper syntax within the applications. Otherwise, errors will come up. They can both select to do the checking manually or through the use of skilled software program that’s meant for this checking goal. By correcting the syntax errors, it can clear up another errors, equivalent to:


This article has lined all of the particulars on the explanations and options for the error message. Here’s a fast recap for the readers:

  • Although Create React App gives 4 pre-configured scripts, the person can add extra scripts by updating their package deal.json file.
  • The person ought to reinstall their dependencies and restart the event server to eliminate the error.
  • In order to resolve the command not discovered error, attempt to particularly set up the react-scripts package deal. Also, examine for some typo errors as effectively.

You can use this information to clear up any programming errors simply with pragmatic measures to extend effectivity in time and success. Thank you for studying!


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