RIP in peace, MKVII

Rip In Peace, Mkvii

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Recently I spotted one scary – nicely, in the passion sense of it – factor: we’re by no means getting a brand new, up to date MKVII/MKVIII Marine package. Never will or not it’s graced by the extra dignified proportions now seen on the brand new beakies. And for that, I’m a bit unhappy – no, the Space Marine Heroes re-release (in pink) doesn’t assist a lot.

A historical past in ceramite

It is extraordinarily, unfathomably straightforward to say that most individuals obtained in 40K through the lengthy, lengthy tenure of the Mark VII Power Armor. If Lexicanum is to be believed, the primary kits got here out in 1990; beakies had solely been the face of Astartes-dom for under a few years. You can learn extra about it at Barreldrill. The vox-grille snout welcomed folks again when the USSR fell; painted in Blood Angel scarlet, it turned left and proper in the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War graphic settings take a look at; it graced covers of uncountable books and Codexes launched over 30 years of its profession. For years and years, probably the most hanging Space Marine artwork depicted the common-or-garden Mark VII.

Of course, I used to be speaking right here concerning the Mark VII helmet. Fitting to the fluff, Tactical (and different) kits featured energy armor cobbled collectively from a number of Marks going again to not less than 2002. But irrespective of what number of Beakie helms or Mark IV chest items you added, everybody knew what they anticipated a Mark VII Marine seemed like.

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MKVIIs so far as auspex can see
He seemed superior! And so did his counterpart, the common-or-garden Chaos Space Marine. Fitting for somebody named actually “evil version of X”, it seemed like an evil model of MKVII as nicely. Maybe the Legion fluff – together with the plentiful veterans of the Long War – hadn’t been developed at that time, and possibly they only didn’t care. A Chaos Space Marine was more likely to be a MK VII Marine with horns (or a topknot) and a flowery backpack.

Unlike fan-favorite and dreadfully frequent depictions that includes demise by element (through a complete bunch of dumb spikes in some particularly unhealthy instances) CSM energy armor, it’s a easy, clear, straightforward to learn design. Only a educated eye will discover the spikier panel strains or the presence of MKIII shoulder pad. And the mind will go “ah, these are like my Space Marines, but evil.”

I’d additionally lament the lack of the long-lasting Godwyn-pattern Boltgun (inexplicably additionally arming giant swathes of CSM) if not for the very fact Primarine bolt rifles are however longer variations of these, so whomst’ve cares. I’m not a fan of the brand new bolt pistols, certain, however I don’t have an argument there: each bolt pistols and laspistols all the time despatched designers right into a fugue state, and thus they by no means sculpted the identical twice.

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Only the laughter of the thirsting gods

So outdoors of the brand new Berserkers, new MKVIIs (or, God forbid, MKVIIIs) don’t appear to be on the horizon. The future belongs upscaled MK IVs, their silly knee extensions, and their backpacks echausts with form-fitting ablative armor. For many causes, I’m not a fan: MKIVs are too modern (been an issue for me because the launch of Betrayal at Calth), and GW is insisting on doing mono-weapon squads, one thing I discover objectionable even in Horus Heresy. So it’s unhappy to see MK VIIs go, even in case you can sneak a helmet or two into Heresy by claiming “Sarum-pattern breather.” At least we are able to hope for MK IIIs to get upscaled someday.

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