Resetter Epson L385

Resetter Epson L385

There are 2 problems that often occur with the Epson L385 Printer. First, the paper and ink indicator lights flash (blinking). Second, there is an error message Service required when running the printer on a laptop or PC. These problems result in us not being able to print the documents we want. To overcome this, the Epson L385 resetter can be a solution that you can try.

By resetting the printer, the ink pad counter on the printer will be set to 0 again so we can use it again as before. This counter ink pad is used to calculate ink usage on the printer. Every time you print, there will be ink left on the ink pads. If it is not limited, the ink pad will be full and can damage the printer.

There are many versions of the Epson L385 Resetter for Windows. But not all of them can be used to date. Well, to make it easier for you, we will share a resetter that can still be used.

Download Resetter Epson L385

Password RAR =
If the link doesn’t work or has an error, please contact us via this link or send it via the comments column.

Warning: Please turn off Antivirus first before downloading and extracting the resetter file. The file is safe and we have tested it on our computer.

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How to Reset Epson L385 Printer

  1. Connect the printer you want to reset to your laptop or PC.
  2. Turn on the printer and laptop.
  3. Extract the rar file that was downloaded earlier.
  4. Open the extracted folder.
  5. Click files Run-ME to run programs.
  6. After that click OK. Then the resetter application will open.
  7. Then click SELECT.
  8. Choose L385 in the Model section then click OK.
  9. After that, click Particular adjustment mode.
  10. Then click Waste ink pad counter then click OK.
  11. Tick Play pad counter.
  12. Then click initialize Then OK. Then the reset process will begin.
  13. After the process is complete, turn off the printer and then turn it on again. Then the printer can be used as usual.
Display Resetter Epson L385 Application

After performing the steps above the printer should be working normally. If it fails, make sure that the connection between the laptop and the printer is properly connected. Then try selecting the L385 USB detected in the Port section in step number 8. It’s possible that the auto selection port isn’t working properly in this application.

After successfully resetting the printer, it’s a good idea to replace the ink pads that we use. By replacing it, it will minimize printer damage in the future. See also: Resetter Epson L120.

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What problems cause the Epson L385 printer to be reset?

The ink and paper indicator lights flash alternately or simultaneously

Actually there are many factors that can cause the ink and paper indicator light to light up. We can start checking from the paper on the tray that must be available and in the correct position. There is no paper jam in the printer. Ink is still available. Ink heads and cables are not clogged. If all of these things are not the cause then it could be caused by the counter ink pad that has reached its maximum limit. Then resetting the printer can be used as a solution. See also: Resetter Epson L360.

The error appears A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life

In accordance with the error description that appears on the laptop, it indicates that the ink pad counter is at its maximum limit. We have to reset it. Read also: Resetter Epson L1110.


Resetting the printer is not a difficult thing to do. On the Epson L385, we only need an Epson L385 resetter that still works and ensures that the laptop is connected to the printer to be reset. Of course, this step can be a solution to troubleshoot printer problems that need to be tried before diagnosing the printer hardware.

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