Resetter Epson L100

Resetter Epson L100

Epson L100 is a type of Epson printer that is quite reliable. This is proven by the fact that there are still many users of this printer even though the L100 was released more than 10 years ago. However, this does not mean that the Epson L100 does not have problems when used. There are 2 problems that are often experienced by users, namely the ink light is blinking and the error message Printer Ink Pad Life Has Ended appears. Both of these problems can be overcome by using the Epson L100 resetter.

By resetting the printer using the latest resetter, various Epson L100 problems can be overcome, including the 2 problems above. Especially for the blinking ink light, it can actually be overcome by entering the code that is in the original Epson printer ink. But if we don’t have it, the resetter is a solution that can be used quickly.

There are many Epson L100 resetter software circulating on the Internet today. To make it easier for you, we will share the latest and still functioning properly.

Download Resetter Epson L100

Password RAR =
If the link doesn’t work or has an error, please contact us via this link or send it via the comments column.

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Warning: Please turn off Antivirus first before downloading and extracting the resetter file. The file is safe and we have tested it on our computer.

How to Reset Epson L100 Printer

  1. Turn on the laptop or PC and printer that will be reset.
  2. Connect the Epson L300 printer to the laptop that will be used for resetting.
  3. Extract the downloaded rar file so that it will produce a folder.
  4. Open the extracted folder.
  5. Right click on Adjprog then choose Run as administrator.
  6. Click on Particular adjustment mode.
  7. Then click Waste ink pad counter then click OK.
  8. After that click Check on section Play pad counter.
  9. Then click the button initialization. Then click OK.
  10. When it appears Please turn off the printer turn off the printer.
  11. Then turn on the printer again and click OK.
Display Of The Epson L100 Printer Resetter Application

Sometimes an error occurs when doing Initialization. If you experience it, try unplugging and then reconnecting the cable to the laptop then repeat clicking Initialization. However, if another error occurs, try selecting the port manually at the start of the process. The easy way is to click Select after opening Adjprog then select USB Port.

Now, after the process is complete, we can use the printer as usual. We can try it by printing document files or photos as desired. See also: Resetter Epson L360.

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What problems cause the Epson L100 printer to be reset?

An Error Appears Printer Ink Pad Life Has Ended

When printing a document, a message appears: Printer Ink Pads Life Has Ended or if in English, The Printer’s Ink Pads are at the End of their Service Life. The problem is because the Ink Pads counter has reached its maximum limit. This can be overcome by resetting using the resetter above. See also: Resetter Epson L120.

Ink Light Flashing Constantly

When printing a document, the ink indicator light keeps flashing. Actually, it can be solved by entering the code that is in the original Epson ink. But you can also use a resetter so that it is faster and as needed. Read also: Resetter Epson L1110.


The Epson L100 printer resetter has a function that can be relied upon to solve problems that occur with the printer in software. This can be the first solution if we experience an error on the Epson L100 before checking the hardware section. Its use is also very easy like operating applications in general.

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