Recommended Links of the Week (N°712)

Recommended Links Of The Week (N°712)

The Isaac Asimov’s worka effective paper armorthe science of eating chili peppershe Sjogren’s syndrome and forbidden to have childrenserve as an index of the most important and interesting of these Recommended Links. But there is more! Much more! Enjoy it!

Isaac Asimov, the excessive polygraph: “Isaac Asimov remembers the moment when he warned that he was about to publish his hundredth book and tells how he decided to commemorate it with a new work that he simply calls Opus 100, and that would consist of a kind of anthology of the most significant of his career. The writer would die in 1992. In the period between one date and another, the same time interval did not pass and, nevertheless, any search for information on the Internet indicates that the writer’s signature is found in more than four hundred books.”

Ancient Chinese paper armor was stronger than steel: “You have probably heard the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”, but have you heard that paper armor is stronger than metallic protective clothing? It goes against everything we’ve learned about war; so the burly warriors are often clad in steel armor or iron plates. But according to ancient Chinese records, the use of paper armor was sometimes considered the best option.”

What we know about the alleged “world’s most dangerous grave”: “The disaster that ended the life of the soldier occurred one night in 1961, at the Idaho National Laboratory, located in a desert area about 65 kilometers east of Idaho Falls (United States). On December 21, 1960, one of the reactors, the SL-1, was turned off to proceed with its supervision and maintenance. The task of restarting the reactor, on January 3, 1961, fell to Mate Richard Legg, chief electrician for the Navy, and John Byrnes and Richard Leroy McKinley, two specialists for the Army.

ocean depth

We live in a society that understands less and less and thinks more and more: “Opinions fly like poisoned darts. Ad hominem attacks become commonplace. Reactivity flourishes in a society that seems increasingly sensitive and intransigent. Much of the daily attacks that occur on social networks, the unbridled anger that certain words arouse or the condemnation of certain writings actually have a simple explanation: a lack of reading comprehension. We live in a society that understands less and less and thinks more and more.”

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A Soldier’s Thousand Cigars That Saved Audrey Hepburn: “I told you a long time ago that JRR Tolkien wrote thanks to Osborne wine, and that therefore we have to give thanks to our Cádiz wines when we read The Lord of the Rings. On the other hand, in this curisory that I am telling you about today, penicillin appears, whose discoverer, Fleming, was able to do so thanks to a rifle club. Strange relationships and luck. Like the amazing story of a soldier’s thousand cigarettes that saved Audrey Hepburn.”

“80% say they cannot be without their mobile”: A report warns of the collapse of the concentration capacity of young people: “. According to a study by the eLearning Innovation Center (eLinC) of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in collaboration with Accenture, attention span has been reduced by more than four seconds on average in just fifteen years . The report points out that the digital format makes the young group more prone to mental wandering. Thus, while paper allowed for better concentration, digital has the opposite effect.”

POV: You’re driving a quarter million dollar car

That calculator is not what it seems, the apps with which children bypass parental control: “The main focuses of attention for families when it comes to supervising the mobile of minors are usually the gallery, browsers, social networks or video games. The apps used to bypass this control are based on generating “secret vaults” where you can hide alternatives to those services that are unrelated to those that tutors usually review. In this way the gallery of the phone remains clean while the vault of the app used for this purpose stores a second folder that children can use to hide certain images or videos.

Between pleasure and pain, the science of eating chilies: “The highest concentration is found where the seeds and placentas or veins are. Capsaicin is able to stimulate the release of the pain neurotransmitter and, at the same time, activate pain receptors in the mouth, nose, stomach and other parts of the body. The brain responds to this possible “aggression” by releasing endorphins that neutralize pain, which causes a sensation of pleasure. Thus, the consumption of chili is more pleasant than the pain it can cause.”

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Why the Russians have been so good at chess: “The Greeks admired the ability of the ancient Slavs (sometimes it is often spoken without nuances of Russian soul or Slavic soul almost as if they were synonymous) to endure the hardships that nature presented to them. Therefore, in the riddles and dilemmas that arise in a game of chess, we could see the permanent challenges of an entire people with the options (the correct and the incorrect) that are presented at each step in search of survival. A town that knew how to link the pastime to their own sacrificed lives, the one that served them as a lesson, as a cognitive challenge and as a calm”

Heavy Metal (1981) vs. Fifth Element (1997)

ZPG – Edict Siglo XXI: Forbidden to have children (Michael Campus): “In an indeterminate future, the air is so polluted that you can barely see a few meters away and it is essential to wear an oxygen mask, food is served in tubes and animals and plants have been extinct for decades. All the nations of the world agree to the Zero Growth Edict, under which people are prohibited from having children for the next thirty years. Women who are already pregnant must register with the Department of State Security”. If during that period of three decades a woman becomes pregnant, she has two alternatives: she can report her circumstance to the “Ab Lab” or Abortion Lab ”

“I did not produce tears or saliva, I could not cry”, the woman who lives with the rare Sjögren’s syndrome: “It was in 2008, during the pregnancy of her second child, that the nursing student Rafaela Santana Oliveira Silva, now 42 years old, began to have symptoms such as hair loss, body itching, fatigue and a feeling of dryness in the eyes and mouth. However, this Brazilian woman concentrated on caring for her newborn son and put aside seeking medical attention. Four years later, Rafaela noticed that her symptoms, instead of improving, were getting worse, and she began to seek a diagnosis.”

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Astronomers discover the “missing link” that explains the origin of water in the solar system: “This discovery was made while studying the composition of the water present in V883 Orionis, a planetary formation disk located about 1,300 light years from Earth, reports the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in a note. When a cloud of gas and dust collapses, it forms a star at its center; around the star, the cloud material also forms a disk. Over the course of a few million years, the matter in the disk clumps together to form comets, asteroids, and eventually planets.”

Mark Twain (1909)

VIDEOS: The ignimbrite outbreak of the Middle Tertiary, the most powerful magnet in the world, 10 knots you have to learn in your life, how a warship works in the eighteenth century, early fighting games (70s and 80s), how the kung fu scenes of ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ were filmed, mandarin duck, camels eating cactus, blind guitarist playing Zombie by The Cranberries, it’s not duct tape, 360° view of a shark’s mouththe faces of Half Life 2, ninja vs shark, we should kill all the mosquitoes, dissolving gold in acid, GTA style driving school, an hour in a second, Eddie Aikau’s Giant Waves 2023, The Benny Hill Show – The Cruise, 28 Days Later recreated in pandemic and the short ones lucky and call me snake.

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata

GALLERIES: GIANT Star Wars IV Infographic, movie poster sculptures, a 1950’s robot for housework, British Wildlife Photography Awards 2023Ericofon advertisements, make a wedding dress out of cake, Ed van der Elsken’s photographythe Animated Landfill and the Dump of the Week.

Well, I ran out of links. Things that happen. Until next week!

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