Recommended Links of the Week (N°711)

Recommended Links Of The Week (N°711)

The historical past of Telemach, the non-public gardens of the web, Ulysses 31, the sexual parasites of the deep and the first map of all neural connections. Anyone who desires to know what different issues could be present in these Recommended Links of the Weekyou simply should maintain studying. Enjoy it!

TELEMACH – History of a classic and its models: “With the proliferation of game systems in the 1980s, the complementary market for accessories (joysticks) also proliferated in order to fully enjoy video games. On one side are the consoles (Nes, Master system, megadrive, etc) which already had their own controls and on the other side were the computer systems, Msx, Commodore, Spectrum, Amstrad, etc, more versatile and could adapt more controls to play. Among the numerous joysticks that appeared, there was a series that today is still considered one of the best for 8bit/16bit equipment. We are talking about the Joystick Telemach.”

The covers of Hipgnosis: “Gone are those years of massive vinyl consumption, reduced today to an almost marginal environment of nostalgic musicians who, as a form of stubborn (and necessary) claim, continue to publish their works in this format, and also a residual minority of nerds who they meet at record fairs where they can acquire all kinds of rarities with which to expand their beloved collections. (…) But the majority of current music consumers, as incredible as it may seem, never had an artifact like long play in their hands, missing out on a certain fetishist pleasure that complements visual listening.”

The Internet was full of public spaces. Today it has become a complex of private gardens: “Now, between platforms that require registration to see sure info (TikTok, Instagram for tales or publications from a sure threshold…), media with a paywall and different sorts of web sites that require at the least one e mail with which feeding its database earlier than letting you see something, searches are not restricted to discovering what we have been on the lookout for, but in addition figuring out the place to enter and the place not, as a result of we’ll waste far more time in its paperwork. It is one other symptom of one thing that we have now been speaking about for some time, the discordance of the Internet.”

Again Michael Scott in Mass Effect

1981- ULYSSES 31: “The earthquake that marked the premiere of “Star Wars” in 1977 was felt all through the size and breadth of the leisure trade. We have already talked right here about many movies and comics impressed by this restoration of the extra playful and spatial aspect of a style that had been mired in pessimism and dystopian situations for a decade. Television, each grownup and youngsters’s, didn’t escape this new pattern. In this final part, “Capitán Futuro” (1978-79), “Captain Harlock” (1977-79), “Cobra” (1982-83) or “Erase Una Vez…El Espacio” (1982) appeared or grew to become extra related. all of them house adventures. “Ulises 31″ belongs to that batch of merchandise, nevertheless it was not yet one more.”

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“People rent me every day so that I do nothing”, the business of a man in Japan who receives thousands of requests: “If you have asked yourself many times what you are good for in this life and you still cannot find the answer, do not mortify yourself. You are probably best at doing absolutely nothing. That was the conclusion reached by the Japanese Shoji Morimoto when he started a business for which he has received thousands of requests since June 2018. His services are reduced: “eat, drink (responsibly, of course) and give simple answers.” Nothing else. The Japanese dolce far niente.”

Monkfish, the amazing sexual parasites of the deep: “Now often known as Krøyer’s deep-sea anglerfish or northern sea devils, these are fish with big, toothy mouths that reside in the depths of the sea, at depths of greater than 1,000 ft (300 meters). As you will have seen in the film Finding Nemo, daylight doesn’t attain such depths, so these sea monsters use a lightweight lure to draw their prey. This bioluminescence is the product of a symbiotic relationship: the micro organism that reside in the “bulb” present gentle in trade for vitamins and safety.”

Cutting a LEGO tuna

The superpower of intelligence: “Does that mean all those people were dumb and now we suddenly got smart? Obviously not! A person can be uneducated, even illiterate, for any number of reasons… and perfectly intelligent. Of course, he will not do very well in the intelligence tests… but because he does not know how to do them; and even if he was super-bright and caught on quickly, he’d probably still not do very well because he’s not used to dealing with the concepts on which most of them are based. You could be in front of a genius and the test will say that he is severely mentally handicapped.”

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This is the first map of all neural connections, this is how a complex brain works: “Science magazine has just published the most advanced map of the brain we have so far, the only one that shows each neuron and how they are connected to each other. The advance is a historic achievement for neuroscience, even if it is the brain of the larva of the fruit fly (Drosophila), an organism that is used as a model to study basic questions in biology. After more than a decade of work, this research shows the 3,016 neurons of this organ and a spectacular number of interactions between them: 548,000 synapses.”

The difference between UFO reality and science fiction: “Magical thinking postulates that everything imaginable is possible. It is an addictive recreational drug that is taken not only by hobbyists, but also by some mainstream scientists who believe in the multiverse and maintain that “everything that can happen will happen an infinite number of times.” In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Steven Spielberg suggested that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAF) could be of extraterrestrial origin. His threshold for suggesting this extreme is acceptable for science fiction scripts in Hollywood, but not for science. What differentiates science from fiction? In a word: tests.”

HIDARI – A samurai pilot in Stop-Motion

11 Absurd Micronations Where You Can Apply For Citizenship Or Even Have A Peerage: “Do you want to be president, king or even emperor? Well, you should know that it is possible. How, then nothing easier than declaring your own nation. For this you need to think of a name, design a flag, an anthem and an official currency. Although the first thing is to find land and people to rule over. Regarding the land, you can simply declare your house an independent state. You will not be the first or the second to do so. For the second, it is best to start (as always) with family and friends. You can try to seduce them by giving them noble titles.”

The fire that caused a flood of whiskey in the streets of Dublin: “On June 18, 1875, a misfortune occurred in the city of Dublin. A misfortune that could have been an anecdote without more, but that ended up being a tragedy. It all started in the middle of the afternoon, when pigs from nearby farms began to squawk alerts that there was a fire in the Liberties area. Specifically in Laurence Malone’s beverage warehouse, which was engulfed in flames. The warehouse, that is, not poor Malone. That place kept nothing more and nothing less than about 1.2 million liters of liquor. Whiskey mainly.”

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They find the oldest inscription in the world that mentions the god Odin: “Scholars have found the oldest inscription in the world with the identify of the god of Norse mythology, Odin, on a gold bracteate (a sort of medal). It is an element of the phrase “he is the man of Odin” and refers to the portrait of an unknown king or nice man, who might have had the identify “Jaga” or “Jagaz”. This implies that the gods as we all know them in Norse mythology have been already identified at the starting of the 4th century, 150 years sooner than beforehand thought. The discovery was made by Lisbeth Imer, runologist at the National Museum of Denmark, along with linguist Krister Vasshus.

Attack of the Giant Bubbles

VIDEOS: An AI among Humans, forging the first item in a survival game, Jolene by Olivia Newton-John and Dolly Parton, TechnoViking from another camera perspective, how smart are crows, titanic with marbles (Super cool), how to start a rocket engine, walking inside the Titanic in 4K, why do suvs kill so many people, how to make a lego, you can’t die old, Bertrand Russell: The earth has only 5 minutes of existence, a wildlife pond, the largest family tree, farmer drives cart out of his field like a beast, metal riffs on banjo, record for most dogs in conga line, horse making snow angels, the road has disappeared!, skunk who knows tricks and animal size comparison.

Journey to the West: The Monkey King – Chaos in Heaven (1964)

GALLERIES: Ospreys hunting, things that look like faces, driftwood art, the terrifying art of the Merrylin Museum, corrupted coloring books, Travel Photographer of the Year, puppies in uniforms, world nature photography awards, retro japanese crazy glasses, polaroid museumPhilco Predilecta, the Animated Dump and the Visual Dump.

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