Recommended Links of the Week (N°704)

Recommended Links Of The Week (N°704)

A bit preview of the Recommended Links of the Week: the story of the cat, trilobite tridents, UFOs in the Middle Ages, Isaac Newton Y Seneca’s recommendation. Do you need extra? Keep studying! Enjoy it!

Cadash, classic arcade RPG from Taito (1989): “Cadash is an early example of what would become a fairly common trend in arcade video games made in Japan in the early 1990s. Billed as an arcade RPG, the game actually combines many elements from other genres. Its gameplay, side-scrolling action and setting, are similar to classic fantasy and sword beat ’em ups; while platform elements and a system of statistics, experience levels, money and magic more typical of RPG video games are also included.”

Cat History – When and where did our pets start to be?: “Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilization; the place where monumental architecture, territorial planning, accounting, urban development, the alphabet and writing were born. But that fertile space between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers was also the place where humans and cats began to live together. This is revealed by a study from the University of Missouri (USA), which has just been published in the journal ‘Nature’ and reveals the true story of the cat.”

John Carpenter turns 75, an epidemic that has infected the cinema of the 21st century: “He is a guy as humble as he is voluntarily dedicated exclusively for several decades to pure genre cinema, with low-budget productions, protected under the umbrella of what inaccurately but successfully we have been calling Series B. Violent action movies, gory terror, gimmicky sci-fi, martial arts, scares, gunshots and chases. Real neighborhood cinema (not the kind they say on TV, not in my neighborhood). From grindhouse, as the hipsters call it.”

Basil rising on video time lapse

Marines Use Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Box Meme To Outsmart Real Military Robot AI: “The book, which will be available in English on January 28, reflects on the social, political and economic changes that are coming as a result of the use of artificial intelligence systems. The fact is that there is a passage in the book that tells what happened when the army high command asked a group of eight marines to try to outwit a robot equipped with a modern AI-based people detection system.”

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This is Hydra, the Greek island that completely banned cars to preserve its heritage: “Just like domestic cats, people in Hydra are used to getting around on foot. Despite the fact that its foundation dates back more than 3,000 years, there is no mythology related to the island: the ancient gods did not consider it important to settle there, nor did the classical heroes. None of that matters when visitors sit on the pier sipping wine and Greek sweets. And what’s more: the streets of Hydra are not polluted by vehicular traffic or car exhaust smoke.”

How to get out of a sinking car, tips to save your life: “In its wake, the Fien squall has left trees falling due to the strong wind, floods and snow throughout the Peninsula, in addition to the inevitable accidents on the edge of rivers and torrents. It is not so uncommon for a vehicle and its occupants to sink in a few seconds. It is a very dangerous situation that, however, can be faced with guarantees of survival if you act quickly. Steps to get out of a sinking car: …”

Sisyphus Automata

Seneca’s advice to accept the transience of life: “But what perspective to take as an alternative? If now we have stated that it’s typical of the human being to hunt permanence or perpetuity (as the thinker factors out), what might be provided as an alternative choice to that deeply rooted behavior? Seneca provides recommendation that may also be present in different philosophies and even religions: take pleasure in the current. To take pleasure in not solely in the sense of pleasure, however maybe particularly in the sense of revenue.”

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Analysis of ‘spiked’ trilobite pitchforks reveals oldest known example of sexual combat weapon: “Scientists have found the oldest instance of a sexual fight weapon just like the constructions of the present Dynastinae (rhinoceros) beetles. The discovery and evaluation of a trilobite fossil, Walliserops trifurcatus, which featured a four-pronged trident, means that these constructions could have been utilized in fight and competitors for mates, similar to jousting between males to realize favor with the females.”

The incomparable Isaac Newton: “One of these outbreaks of plague appeared in the center of the summer season of 1665. The plague ravaged London with such pressure that in a short while one in ten Londoners had died. That similar fall, Cambridge University, fearful that the similar factor would occur there, closed its doorways and despatched its college students residence. Among them was a younger man with a taciturn and introverted character: Isaac Newton.

The richest folks in the world from 1985 to 2023

They discover that Roman constructions ‘repair themselves’ and that is why they have lasted through time: “Thanks to lime, which constitutes Roman concrete, the monuments and ruins of the Roman Empire have survived for more than 2,000 years. Highways, monumental coliseums, amphitheaters and triumphal arches: all these buildings from the Roman Empire have one thing in common. Although for decades the lime and other raw materials used by Roman engineers were thought to be of poor quality, these elements have enabled Roman concrete to ‘repair’ itself for over 2 millennia.”

Agobardo, the medieval bishop who was the first to write against UFO sightings: ” Sightings of superhuman beings date again no less than to medieval folklore, by which they took the kind of aeronauts from a metropolis referred to as Magonia. And since the whole lot has its counterpart, as now, there was a bishop who will be thought of the first to refute these superstitions: Agobardo de Lyon.”

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How did the Vikings live?: “Whether they were serfs, free or noble, the life of the Scandinavians took place within the framework of the farm. This was the economic and social nucleus of the Viking world, and the main place in it was occupied by the owner, his wife and his children, the grandparents and the younger brothers of the one who remained single. For most people, this family group was the most important thing in their lives: it offered them security, food and shelter.”

Atlas on Site (Boston Dynamics)

VIDEOS: Orwell vs. Huxley, metal with memory, cat saying ok, rotate your owl, human vs helicopter propeller, using a floppy as a filter, how tinder works (really), sculpture of Willem Dafoe as Joker (300 hours in 11 minutes), manufacturing process of handmade mountain bootsthe double pendulum experiment, fastest quadcopter, family guy Y The Simpsons like an 80s sitcom strange version of the intro of The Simpsons, America’s incestuous family, beavers make backyard pond, Nothing Else Matters by Metallica on kalimba Y a Bow Meow full of cat ornaments.

Dragonforce – Through The Fire and Flames on recorder (epic!)

GALLERIES: Famous people on public transport, celebrities who don’t age, strange world in 3d art, embarrassing christian album coversthe Ford Beatnik, cool old photos, fragmented portraits, insect collection, paper creations, movie character crossover, a very big toad, cat portraits, ocean art photo awards 2022, screenland magazine covers, the best street art of 2022, Behind the scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadethe Animated Landfill and the Visual Dump of the Week.

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