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Recommended Links of the Week (N°668)

UnliHowRecommended Links of the Week (N°668)

rare superheroes, solo role, human misery and one blind beast that can live 400 years. Interested? They continue reading, then, that all these and many more things will be revealed to the brave who goes deep into the Recommended Links of the Week. Enjoy them!

The 20 strangest and strangest superheroes in cinema: “Within the large number of superheroes that populate our screens on the calendar each month, there is room for parody, for exaggeration, for the most absurd powers, funny alternative versions… And, of course, in the end, also for resounding fiascoes that those responsible want us to forget as soon as possible. But sometimes finding an original and different hero, no matter how quirky, works out well.”

The birth of The Sims: how a firestorm that left 25 victims and more than a hundred injured led to the creation of the game: “It is often unexpected situations or desperate measures that cause that push. To show a button, how a game as colorful, cheerful and influential as The Sims emerged from a catastrophe that claimed 25 lives, left more than 150 injured and razed the homes of more than 3,000 families. This is how a firestorm caused the creation of The Sims.

Those Persistent Worlds of Neverwinter Nights: “The role of paper and pencil, the original one, that of eating hotdogs and wearing Megadeth t-shirts, has tried to adapt to the world of interactive entertainment in many ways. Although the greatest successes in creating virtual worlds are governed by dense and immersive single-player campaigns, the world of MMORPGs had a much purer division several years ago, one that was more akin to the true idiosyncrasies of cooperative role-playing. Let’s talk about Bioware and the persistent worlds of Neverwinter Nights.”

Incredible what happens!

Solo Roleplay: How do I start?: “Playing role-playing alone may seem like a crazy idea, and there are even many people who would dare to argue that role-playing is not made to be played alone, but surprise! Yes you can, and there are even games that are specially designed for it. Whether they are board games, video games, miniature games, wargames… solo role-playing is just another hobby like any other. But you may be assailed by a doubt, how do I start?

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What happened to Palm PDAs, the missing link of smartphones that shone in the 90s: “If the ’90s and early 2000s caught you at the right age—that and with enough money in your pocket—you probably remember them all too well. Also, there was a time when talking about PDAs was almost synonymous with talking about Palm, one of the brands without which consumer technology of 20 years ago can hardly be understood.”

“Little China Coup” by John Carpenter: “To speak of John Carpenter is to speak of one of the masters of horror, and that is indisputable. With ‘Halloween’, ‘The Thing’, ‘In the mouth of fear’, and even ‘Christine’, he has been more than proven. But Carpenter has always had a thug point and with a lot of humor. So if we add to that his “muse of him”, Kurt Russell, we are left with (in my opinion) one of his five most entertaining films from his filmography. ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ (1986), is an adventure with magic, martial arts and one of the most cocky characters of the 80s, Jack Burton.

Solving three cubes while juggling them

The Cause of Human Misery, by Carl Sagan: “We have prepared a global civilization in which the most crucial elements — transportation, communications and all other industries; agriculture, medicine, education, leisure, environmental protection, and even the key democratic institution of elections—rely heavily on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that no one understands science and technology. That’s a guarantee of disaster. We could go on like this for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mix of ignorance and power will blow up in our faces.”

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The three engines we need to conquer the solar system and the stars: “We need to colonize other worlds as soon as possible so that humanity can survive any extinction event on Earth. But, as experts point out and no matter how hard Elon Musk tries, colonizing Mars will be extremely difficult with current chemical engine technology. Beyond the red planet, it will be impossible. We have to speed up the speed of our spaceships.”

Plants grown on lunar soil grow with stunted roots and smaller stems and leaves: “Now, in the context of new human plans to return to the satellite to stay, a group of researchers has used part of the dust brought back 50 years ago to grow plants for the first time on lunar soil. They have verified that yes, vegetables germinate and grow, but they do it much worse than on land.”

Joker Sculpture Video Lapse

When a normal person becomes an art thief: “The double life of alleged art thieves rose to fame in 2017, after Kooning’s missing painting was identified. Now, a documentary about them called The Thief Collector tries to answer the great enigma of this whole story: what leads a completely normal person to become an art thief?

Ramanujan, the man who saw the number pi in a dream: “The renowned British mathematician GH Hardy was the dumbfounded recipient of the document. It contained 120 formulas, among which he identified one to know how many prime numbers there are between 1 and a certain number, and others that allowed the infinite decimals of the number pi to be calculated at great speed. In some cases, Ramanujan had unknowingly reached conclusions already reached by Western mathematicians.

This is the Greenland shark, the blind beast that can live more than 400 years: “Despite his heavy appearance, he has remarkably sensitive skin. He is almost completely blind, and is guided by the Earth’s magnetic field to swim through the depths of the frozen seas in the Arctic. It can rarely be seen, as it does not come close to the surface. On the contrary, it prefers darkness and quiet environments. This is the Greenland shark: the longest-lived species on record on the planet.”

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A memory of the recent past

VIDEOS: This station does not exist, survival myths, history of cursors, testing an “Xbox Series X Development Kit”, tornado in Andover, who made these circles in the Sahara?. drawing michael jordan, truck with trailer takes everything, “Voices from the Atlantic” (with a spectral instrument), China is killing its third largest lake, Project Cambria preview, save an antelope because an elephant warns him, “Preacher Of A Down”, a human centipede with jelly beans, surviving an encounter with an eel, gingerbread sculpture, symphony with camera noises, coral under the microscope, “Suicide Is Painless” by Gayageum, bagpipe duck, how to make a chaotic sphere, cute song with puppet, rock and metal intros with crazy instruments, the tallest dog in the world, crazy skiing, a documentary about the mermaids of Florida from 1961a black and white short of a puppy named “Nipper Runs Amok!“, an experimental work from 1962, an animated short Y a surprise.

2400 Chuck Norris vs a million Spartans

GALLERIES: Not much, but good. Crazy faces of Salvador Dali, photos of yesterday and today in Argentina, miniature photography, the precise moment when the moon passes over the Arc de Triomphethe arcade halls of the future, coral crochet, godmothers of 1920, skeletal band of light, transcendental sculpturesAnimated Landfill and the Visual Landfill.

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