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Recommended Links of the Week (N°667)

UnliHowRecommended Links of the Week (N°667)

Soviet science fiction, alien weapons, killer bunnies and the fictosexuals are just a sample of what these Recommended Links of the Week they give you A call to the adventure of knowledge and entertainment. Enjoy it!

7 Soviet science fiction gems you can’t miss: “Very little is known about science fiction cinema produced during the Soviet Union, perhaps due to the low accessibility it had for a long time, however, due to streaming platforms, today it is a reality to be able to access to these wonderful works. Soviet science fiction cinema was characterized by providing a more emotional and philosophical look at issues of the human experience, far removed from better-known productions in the world that approach the genre with a vision closer to explosions and special effects.

Science fiction narratives and future studies: “Have you ever wondered how science fiction novels have impacted the idea we have about Artificial Intelligence or how Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash has impacted what we now call the Metaverse? The use of science fiction to explore our world is similar to scenario planning in Futures Studies, it shapes our ideas about the future, and goes beyond anticipating once-impossible devices like Verne’s submarine or the geospatial satellites of 2001 A Space Odyssey.”

alien weapons: “In the movie “The Steel Bride”, directed by Gordon Douglas and released in 1952, the protagonist commissions a blacksmith to make him a very special knife, since he asks him to use the remains of a meteorite to strengthen the blade . This, which might seem like mere fiction, is based on something much more common than we imagine. And it is that, among those rocky masses from outer space that end up hitting our planet and that we commonly call meteorites, there is a very special type, that of metallic meteorites.”

Ghost Busters OST (acapella)

What would happen if another civilization found a human ship: “Now imagine that astronomers on that exoplanet discover this technological junk as it approaches under the light of the parent star that illuminates the darkness around it. They use their most advanced telescope to monitor the sky for objects that could crash into their planet, an alert system to avoid catastrophes caused by space rocks. But this object doesn’t seem to behave like the common asteroids or comets you’ve seen before.”

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How many objects are in orbit? The importance of protecting the space environment: “Currently, there are about thirty thousand known objects in orbit, most of them fragments of space junk. And here we must underline “known”, because the smallest objects, which are the most numerous, escape radar and optical observations. For this reason, its quantity can only be estimated, although the ESA calculates that there must be more than a million objects with a size greater than one centimeter (enough to, for example, pierce a spacesuit), while the number of objects larger than a millimeter would be about 129 million.”

He shone in The Three Stooges, but his light went out very soon: the sad end of Curly Howard: “In 1945 Curly’s health began to fail until its final deterioration. In full success, certain habits were modified. He no longer cared what he looked like when he was a teenager and didn’t care what he ingested. Junk food became part of his regular diet, causing him to gain considerable weight. He made a consultation with his doctor and the result was catastrophic: he was diagnosed with extreme hypertension and obesity. However, he never cared to take care of himself.”

SKELETONICS – cool exo armor

(NSFW) ‘Salón Kitty’, Tinto Brass’s fascist straw: “In the 1960s, there was a wave of sadomasochistic pornography in Israel related to the Nazis and World War II. Although it is hard to believe, the first generation that grew up in this country did not know about the Holocaust at the level of detail that exists today in large layers of the population around the world. When Adolf Eichmann’s trial took place in 1961, it was given the maximum media coverage possible so that the youngest would become aware of what had happened. One of the indirect results of this measure was the appearance of a kind of Nazi porn.”

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Why killer bunnies appear in the margins of medieval manuscripts: “Far from the celestial image, in the Middle Ages rabbits were imposed on the margins of dozens of handmade manuscripts before the invention of printing in the mid-fifteenth century. Wielding swords, axes and bows, fighting humans and dogs, that is, those who often hunted them, they appeared in traces that are sensed as revenge. Thus, for example, a series of images in the lower margins of a volume preserved by the British Library MS Royal show the violence exerted by rabbits in a sequence that is not lacking in detail.”

In Japan more and more people marry their favorite anime characters, this is how the “fictosexuals” live: “There is a word in Japanese for people obsessed with video games and anime: “otaku”. There is also one for the feelings that these characters inspire: “moe”. And now there is a term for the people who have decided to unofficially marry these fictional characters and defy Japanese social norms: “fictosexuals”. An increasing number of people openly state that they have fallen in love with anime characters and given up on the idea of ​​romance in the real world.”

Mario in tesla coils

Silicon Valley’s Pet Philosophy Is Essentially Wrong: “If through biotechnology we could drastically improve ourselves, so that our ability to absorb and manipulate information was unlimited, that we never experienced any anxiety and that we did not age, would we do it? We should? For advocates of radical technological enhancement, or “transhumanism,” the obvious answer is “yes.” Therefore, they push for the development of technologies that, by manipulating genes and brains, would create beings fundamentally superior to us.”

Can you be too self-conscious?: “Self-knowledge seems to be a positive thing, after all it allows us to know ourselves, understand our own motivations and, ultimately, make better decisions. But it can also lead us to constantly question ourselves and keep us in an excruciating state of self-awareness by microanalyzing every nuance of our thoughts and actions. Let’s take a closer look at the two components of self-awareness and see how they work. Internal or private self-knowledge is a metacognitive process in which we take the perspective of an observer towards our own thoughts.

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The precarious state: “Precariousness differs from the qualification of “poverty”, which has an institutional dimension, an objective status that is measured by world organizations, such that quantifications and borders can be assigned, on the other side of which the lives that run In a context of scarcity that is measured against conventional standards, the notion of precariousness acquires a phenomenological dimension in which suffering is part of a way of life where poverty can be a component but what defines this status is rather the Difficulty developing own life plans.”

Three minutes of Japanese television

VIDEOS: People with unusual laughter in one room, how to build lego flip walker, building a ZX Spectrum 48K from scratch, how to build a moving eye animatronic, how to be a human flag, the oldest person in the world (118), worm enchantment, Casio’s strange instrument, opening egg at the bottom of the sea, first lover then dinner, in armchair by the urban slope, catching grasshoppers, Modern Lovers – Pablo Picasso, The Batman trailer with Adam West, super girl on a bike, jumping robot record, galaxies in ink, chased by bear, Works of Calder (1950), Comparison of Prison Population, school lunch in japan and the short ones: Sentry (Science fiction), out of order (animated, horror, UNMISSSIBLE), The Fellowship of the Ring Animated (lively, UNMISSSIBLE) and Mystery Incorporated “Welcome to Coolsville” (the first chapter of the Scooby Doo fan series).

Wade – Indian animated short

GALLERIES: Roman chariots with motorcycles, the amphibious caravan, the nymphs of Shal.E, the wreckage of Perseverance landing, architecture with bamboo, It’s not a comet, it’s Mercury., corsets in x ray, abandoned ruins, best photos of AOP 2022, animal portraits, beautiful hand painted dress, more photos of Andie Macdowell, the metaphysical painter, vietnam motorcyclesthe Animated Landfill and the Visual Landfill of the Week.

Very good things in these Recommended Links, no doubt. I hope you have enjoyed them. Until next time!

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Budi Setiawan Budi is a digital content writer at UnliHow. He keeps on pursuing opportunities to engage with more people through articles IT-related issues.

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