Price for Realme C55

Price For Realme C55

When cellphone prices seem to start to rise or cellphone specifications, which are mostly trimmed, Realme still comes with new innovations and consistently sells cellphones at affordable prices. This has been proven since the presence of the newest cell phone, namely the Realme C55, which was just released and has been eagerly awaited by the Indonesian people, especially realme lovers.

Setting a price below 3 million, the C55 realm offers a fresh design and a new feature introduced by Realme, namely the Mini Capsule. This feature is like the Dynamic Island feature on an iPhone where its function is to display various important information, starting from battery percentage, data usage, and some other information.

To find out more about the specifications of the Realme C55 cellphone, let’s just look at the full review below!

Price for Realme C55

  • RAM 6GB/128GB = IDR 2,499,000
  • RAM 8GB/256GB = IDR 2,999,000

Complete Specifications for Realme C55

  • CPU : MediaTek Helio G88
  • RAM : 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM
  • Internal Memory: 128GB, 256GB
  • Front camera: 8 MP
  • Rear camera: 64 MP Wide, 2 MP Depth
  • Battery : Li-Po 5000 mAh
  • Network : GSM / HSPA / LTE
  • Screen Size : 6.72”
  • Dimensions: 165.6mm x 75.9mm x 7.9mm
  • Weight: 189.5 grams

Full Review

Design and Dimensions

From the outside, this cellphone has a design that is classified as premium and elegant compared to competing cellphones at the same price. The design on the back of the body for the realme C55 cellphone has a pattern like rainwater with vertical lines that look faint.

As usual, there is realme writing on the back of the body and the camera resolution, namely 64 MP AI Camera, is written next to the camera frame. For the dimensions of this cellphone, it is 165.6 mm long, 75.9 mm wide and 7.9 mm thick. It weighs around 189.5 grams which is still ideal, not too big or small.

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The button layout for the volume buttons is on the right side of the cellphone, then next to it is the power button which also functions as a fingerprint sensor. The left side of the cellphone has a triple slot SIM slot, then a 3.5 mm jack, speaker hole, mic hole, and USB type C port located at the bottom of the cellphone.

There are 2 color options available on this cellphone, namely the Rainy Night color with a glossy black finish and the Sunshower with a metallic finish that can change color when exposed to light reflection.


The configuration of the two rear camera lenses for the C55 realm, which is made wide, indicates that the design of this cellphone camera is not outdated. On each rear lens it is embossed and there is a square frame surrounding the two lenses to add an elegant impression to the cellphone.

View Of The Rear Camera Of The Realme C55

In addition to the large lens, the resolution of the main camera is also large, namely 64 MP, complete with a depth lens with a resolution of 2 MP. Then for the front camera it is designed with a punch hole so it looks beautiful with a camera resolution of 8 MP.

The quality of the photos is quite good, especially when used in bright light conditions with prominent color saturation. The image detail obtained is also not bad, it’s just that the dynamic range looks less natural, and for low light conditions it’s not exactly good.

Meanwhile, the resulting video quality can record up to 1080p at 60 fps on the rear camera and 1080p at 30fps using the front camera.

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In terms of screen specifications, there’s no doubt that the screen size is 6.72″, has a fast refresh rate of 90Hz, the bezel isn’t too thick, and the quality is FULL HD+. Apart from that, the screen brightness of this cellphone reaches 680 nits, so it doesn’t matter if it’s used in bright light.

Likewise with the quality of the screen where the colors produced are clear and sharp because it supports 16.7 million colors. However, there is a bit that feels odd about this cellphone screen, namely that there is a delay when scrolling or what is commonly called a touch delay, although not too significant.

Some also complain of lag or stuttering when watching YouTube videos in 4K quality, but there’s no problem if the format watched is 1080p.

CPU Chipsets

Unlike the outer appearance, the inside of the C55 realm cellphone is supported by a chipset made by MediaTek, namely the Helio G88 which is usually installed on cellphones of 2 million and below. Indeed, its performance is not like the Helio G99, but if you do it daily, such as playing social media, watching movies, and light gaming, you can still rely on it.

For example, if you use it to play the Mobile Legend game, this cellphone can still get graphics and FPS settings at High. For those who like PUBG games, it’s also not a problem because this cellphone can play the game with the Smooth-Ultra setting or on HD-High. You can also be forced to play the Genshin Impact game with the condition that the graphics are set to Low so that the gameplay averages at 25 fps.

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Unfortunately, the gyroscope feature only supports software, so the response is not as fast as a hardware gyroscope.

When tested using the Antutu benchmark application, the scores obtained were in the range of 260 thousand, which is reasonable for a 2 million cellphone.


Moving on to battery matters, this cellphone has a large battery capacity of 5000mAh with fast charging because it supports the SUPERVOOC feature from Realme. Equipped with a 33 watt charger, charging from zero to one hundred percent only takes about 1 hour.

When the user charges the battery, the mini capsule feature will automatically activate, showing information such as how much charge is received and also displays the battery percentage. Don’t ask about the problem of power efficiency again, because even though the battery has only 5 percent remaining, this cellphone is claimed to last for 32 hours if the user turns on Ultra Saving mode.

When used to play the PUBG game for half an hour, the battery power consumption is only reduced by around 9 percent. Meanwhile, if it is made to play the Genshin Impact game with the same duration, namely half an hour, the battery will decrease by approximately 14 percent.


For those who want to find a cell phone at a price of 2 million with an elegant design, clear screen, new features such as the iPhone’s Dynamic Island, namely the Mini capsule, and NFC, then this cellphone can be the right choice. Performance matters are indeed not as fast as competing cellphones at an equivalent price, but the RAM and internal storage options offered can be the main considerations for those who want this cellphone.

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