OSError: [Errno 48] Address Already in Use: Four Solutions

Oserror: [Errno 48] Address Already In Use: Four Solutions

Oserror: [Errno 48] Address already in use can happen when your present port is busy or being utilized by one other socket. You can resolve it via completely different easy-to-apply strategies.Oserror Errno Address Already In Use

Don’t fear if you’re clueless for the time being as a result of this publish describes the main points of the given error, your potential hidden mistake, and a number of options that may prevent hours of ready for the port to be launched. So, begin studying this text to do away with the busy deal with error instantly.

Why Are You Getting the OSError: [Errno 48] Address Already in Use?

You get the oserror: (Errno 48) Address already in use macOS due to a busy default port. There is perhaps a course of already operating in your default port, not permitting you to run the following course of. Such a course of can pose a hurdle even when it’s in the background.

– Your Default Port Is Busy

A busy port can by no means run one other course of. Thus, it outcomes in oserror: (Errno 48) Address already in use spacy. Your port may be busy when it’s operating a course of already. Also, it is perhaps potential that you’ve disconnected the method as a substitute of terminating it.Why Are You Getting The Oserror Errno Address Already In Use

Think about it this manner. You have been operating your server. After finishing your work, you tried to shut your server. Here, PyCharm offered you with two choices: Terminate and Disconnect.

Choosing “terminate” will finish the present course of. However, disconnecting will maintain the present course of operating in the background. Hence, for those who go for disconnect, your deal with might be busy once you return. In such a case, for those who attempt to run a brand new course of, oserror: (Errno 48) Address already in use PyCharm will seem in your window.

Excellent Solutions for Fixing the Address Already in Use Error

You can resolve fastAPI [Errno 48] Address already in use error and its variations by utilizing a unique accessible port and forcibly reusing the busy deal with. In addition to that, killing the already operating processes in the background may even repair this error.

– Do the One-line Magic

You can use the setsockopt() perform to manage the habits of the socket. Next, the SO_REUSEADDR socket choice makes it potential for a Python socket to forcibly bind to a busy port being utilized by one other socket. So, passing the given choice to the setsockopt() perform will repair the error.

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All in all, you’ll must run one line to see the magical impact of creating the busy port accessible and eliminating the error out of your display screen.

Here you go.

tcpSocket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)

– Say Yes To Pkill Python

Similar to the sooner instance, when you have chosen to disconnect the server as a substitute of terminating the method, there’s a method out. You’ll must say sure to the pkill python command to take away the error. The pkill command comes contained in the procps-ng or props bundle.

You’ll discover the identical bundle put in already on virtually each Linux distribution. Once you run: sudo pkill python, you’ll be prompted to enter the basis password. After offering the password, you’ll see that each one Python processes have been killed, clearing the trail of the brand new course of.

In case the pkill command doesn’t cease the Python processes, including -9 will drive it to do the identical. The modified command must be like sudo pkill -9 python

– Choose Another Available Port Number

You ought to select one other accessible port to run the method. The port may be 1024 or any quantity greater than it. This method, you’ll have the ability to resolve the given error with out ready for the default port to be accessible.

For instance, you are attempting to run the Python server in your default port, resembling 8916. But you’re getting the socket error. Here, it will be good to go for an accessible port. You can go together with the next command by changing XXXX with an accessible port to make issues work.

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer XXXX

However, for those who don’t need to maintain attempting completely different port numbers till you discover an accessible one, you’ll be able to run the Python script hooked up beneath.

import SimpleHTTPServer
import SocketServer
Handler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
port = 8080
whereas True:
httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer((”, port), Handler)
print ‘You are using’, port
besides SocketServer.socket.error as exc:
if exc.args[0] != 48:
print ‘Port’, port, ‘is busy’
port += 1
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– Identify and Stop the Already Running Process

Identifying the Python course of operating on the required port and stopping it instantly to launch the port will assist in fixing the given error. Dealing with the identification half first, word that ps, lsof, and fuser instructions will will let you seize the record of the processes.Solutions For Fixing The Address Already In Use Error

The ps command is executed to examine the standing of the processes together with their technical data. The -f choice will allow you to see the method data in full or detailed format.

Next, you’ll be able to filter out the Python processes by appending “grep python” to the identical command. So, the command that’ll give you ample data seems to be like

You’ll obtain the processes’ data organized into a number of columns as an output of the given command. You’ll have to have a look at the second column displaying the method IDs (PIDs). The PID might be used to kill the method by utilizing the kill command.

Furthermore, the lsof command may also help observe the open information and their processes. It permits you to go the required port whereas executing it. Consequently, you’ll get a listing of the processes operating on the identical port. The results of the lsof command includes 9 columns of knowledge, with PID being the second column.

Imagine that you’re attempting to run your Python server on port: 4550, however you’re getting the required error. In this case, you’ll be able to run the beneath command to determine the problematic PID.

Besides this, the fuser command can be utilized to acquire the record of PIDs of the processes operating on the given port. It means you can too go the port to the fuser command. Here is the right way to use it.

Whether you employ ps, lsof, or fuser, the final step to eradicate the error includes killing the method by focusing on its PID. So, for a similar motive, you’ll must run the kill command proven beneath by substituting xxxx together with your most popular PID.

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Similar to the situation supplied for pkill, you’ll be able to forcibly kill a specific course of by altering

the kill command, like kill -9 xxxx.

– Reopen Your Shell or Terminal

If you’re scuffling with the above error on Raspberry Pi, it will be higher to restart your terminal or shell to take away it. However, you must go for this resolution when no different resolution resolves the error for you.


1. How To Avoid the [Errno 48] Address Already in Use?

You can keep away from the mentioned error by urgent Ctrl + C keys concurrently to cease your server correctly whereas it’s operating easily. It will be certain that the busy port is launched. Eventually, it’s going to stop the oserror: (Errno 48) Address already in use flask mac.

2. What Does the OSError: [Errno 98] Address Already in Use Mean?

The given error has the identical that means as error 48. It signifies that the deal with or port is already busy with one other socket. The most popular resolution for the error 98 is utilizing the setsockopt() perform with the SO_REUSEADDR choice like tcpSocket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)


The said error signifies a busy port, which suggests a course of is already operating. You’ll must change to a unique port, launch the port, or forcibly reuse the identical deal with to repair the error into consideration. The factors listed beneath will help you whereas fixing the error:

  • You can run your course of on one other accessible port which may be 1024 or a quantity greater than the identical.
  • Identifying and killing the prevailing processes may also help you eradicate the port error.
  • The setsockopt() perform and the SO_REUSEADDR choice may also help your course of forcibly reuse the busy deal with.
  • Restarting your Raspberry Pi terminal may also help you take care of the error.

Note that the answer alternative is over you as a result of all options, aside from restarting the terminal, may be helpful in resolving the error each time.


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