OPPO A16 specifications, appear modern in daily life

Oppo A16 Specifications, Appear Modern In Daily Life

OPPO A16 is one of the newest cellphones in mid-2021 which has also enlivened the country. Unlike the previous generation, OPPO A16 presents various changes that make it more modern for users.

Especially if your budget is only 1 million, then this phone can be one cellphone the most interested. Because the specifications are almost the same as 2 million cell phones in that price range.

There are a variety of affordable phones out there and consumers expect one that will last. OPPO A16 is able to last a long time after about a month of testing with quality which is quite in the segment entry level price.

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Best Specifications of OPPO A16

Oppo A16 Specifications
Oppo A16 Specifications

OPPO A16 is sold at affordable prices. Even so, this latest OPPO cellphone comes with all the features and specification high, like:

1. Has an Elegant Design

Oppo A16 Design
Oppo A16 Design

The body looks elegant, especially the rear body with slightly shiny edges. Combining the words “polished” and “practical”, the OPPO A16 has a top cover made of aluminum.

Aluminum material is known for its high thermal conductivity to dissipate the heat of the A16 device. In addition to comfort, the A16 features a vacuum-coated material that is laser etched to create a shiny metallic effect.

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OPPO A16 is available in two color choices. Crystal Black emitted a transparent crystal light with a blue tinge in a pattern of deep black and Space Silver. Of course, it gives a metallic color that shines and gives a luxurious impression.

The weight of OPPO A16 is quite light, only 190 grams. OPPO mobile This latest also has a compact body with a length of 16.3 cm, a width of 7.56 cm and a thickness of 8.4 mm which is comfortable to hold.

OPPO A16 has a curved body 3d, design around the rounded body to feel ergonomic in the hand.

On the right side of the smartphone body there is a power button which also functions as a fingerprint sensor. To the left of the connection for SIM card And memory card as well as the volume buttons.

2. Wide and Sharp Screen

The screen width is 6.52 inches, this screen uses a “water drop” design on the front camera that is integrated with the screen. The screen to body ratio is 88.7%, it can be seen that monitors it has a thin bezel.

LCD screen offers excellent visual display due to its high resolution and brightness. Users can rest assured that they can enjoy their favorite entertainment all day long with sunshine and moonlight displays.

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When in a dark room, the OPPO A16 screen can dim up to 2 Nits. Apart from that, there is also an Intelligent AI Smart Backlighting function which learns the user’s brightness habits and automatically adjusts accordingly.

With this, the user no longer has to adjust the brightness manually and the user’s eye health is well maintained.

3. OPPO A16 Has a Long Lasting Battery

OPPO A16 is equipped battery capacity 5000mAh which can be used all day without charging. At 100 percent, users can get 34 hours of talk time or 21.02 hours of playback YouTube videos continously.

The OPPO A16 charger offers multiple protections including overcharge and overdischarge protection to prevent overcharging.

When charging at night, OPPO A16 is equipped with the Super Nighttime Standby function. Which will sleep for 8 hours (from 23:00:00-07:00) the device consumes only 1.21% electricity.

When the battery capacity reaches 5% or less, the A16 offers a mode feature super thrifty which allows users to receive phone calls for up to 1.84 hours.

4. OPPO A16 performance

Oppo A16 Performance
Oppo A16 Performance

Phone performance this is included in the good category, all this is a blessing MediaTek chipsets MT6765G Helio G35. With this chipset, this phone can definitely run some games that tend to be heavy.

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Games that were previously quite heavy also ran more smoothly thanks to this RAM memory which is embedded in this OPPO A16 cellphone. For the RAM itself, this phone comes in 3GB and 4GB variants where users can choose which version to buy.

5. OPPO A16 price

OPPO A16 will be present in Indonesia in July 2021. Currently, there are two color choices available, Crystal Black and Space Silver.

This device is priced at IDR 1,999 million at the offline OPPO Store and stores that sell OPPO cellphones throughout Indonesia. It can also be through the OPPO Store application and the network OPPO Official Store online at website Indonesia’s leading e-commerce.

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Well, that’s the specification review OPPO A16 which is an affordable phone. In addition, the OPPO A16 cellphone is in great demand because the specifications are equivalent to 2 million cell phones.

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