OpenAI presents GPT-4: These are the news

Openai Presents Gpt-4: These Are The News

OpenAI, the company dedicated to the research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presented yesterday his new generative text model, GPT-4. This is the evolution of GPT-3, which is the model on which the famous ChatGPT is currently built.

In the ad that has published OpenAI On their website, the first thing that strikes you is that GPT-4 has now become a multimodal language. That is accepts input of both text and images.

For practical purposes this allows the AI, for example, to scan a textbook and digitize it, analyze a graph of results, or even see and understand a simple meme. In addition, OpenAI has clarified that the AI ​​will “freak” less, giving more accurate responses to most requests.

Therefore, GPT-4 is presented as an AI capable of producing coherent and relevant texts from images or keywords, with a higher quality, variety and creativity than the previous version of GPT-3.5. What does this mean? Well, soon ChatGPT will be able to do many more things.

For starters, according to OpenAI, AI “shows human-level performance in various professional and academic benchmarks.” As an example, the company explains that GPT-4 passed a simulated bar exam, obtaining a score that placed it in the top 10%. This is much higher data than that obtained by GPT-3.5, which was placed within the 10% that obtained the worst grades.

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Today the new model GPT-4 is now available in ChatGPTbut only for those who are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. The rest of the users will still have to wait for this new model to be available for free on the OpenAI website. If you are a developer you can also try the API updated to GPT-4, but right now you have to sign up for a waiting list.

Did you know that you can already use GPT-4 for free?

However, although the free version of ChatGPT still works with GPT-3, you can now try the benefits of the new GPT-4 generative model without spending a penny. And it is that the new chat of the Bing search engine is already using the most recent version of GPT-4, as Microsoft itself confirmed yesterday.

1678528508 286 The Bing Search Engine Reaches 100M Daily Users
Bing Chat uses the GPT-4 model.

If you are interested, you just have to enter Bing, log in with your Microsoft account and request access to the new version of the search engine. Of course, it must be taken into account that Bing chat still does not allow you to send images, although it has other advantages compared to the standard version of ChatGPT, such as the possibility of obtaining updated information and reference links to verify the data you provide us. .

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