OpenAI presented GPT-4, its next phase in artificial intelligence

Openai Presented Gpt-4, Its Next Phase In Artificial Intelligence

Millions of users in record time, millions of dollars in investments, titans terrified of their potential. Everything seems to indicate that we live in the world of ChatGPTbut behind the chatbot there is a model, and the master minds of Open AI They just announced their new version. GPT-4. Being a multimodal model, GPT-4 can accept images as input elements, interpret their content, and respond with more accurate information than its predecessor.

OpenAI mentions through its official page that the differences between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 they can be very subtle in casual conversation, but everything changes when the complexity of the task crosses a certain threshold. From there, GPT-4 demonstrates greater stability, creativity, and ability to process specific instructions. To support this, the page features a series of benchmarks which includes very high profile exams. In all cases, the new model outperforms both GPT-3.5 and other competitorsso it would not have difficulties to enter the university.

GPT-4: Pass exams, interpret images, understand jokes?

However, one of the most impressive aspects of GPT-4 is that can interpret images. In other words, GPT-4 is not simply a language model, but also works as visual modelaccepting prompts that combine text and photographs. For example, the image of the “VGA charger” below has a pretty obvious viral profile to us, but some people need some context. That is not the case with GPT-4, which in addition to correctly describing the image, got the joke perfectly.

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Openai Presented Gpt 4 Its Next Phase In Artificial Intelligence
I Admit It: I’M Impressed

Now, analyzing viral images is just the tip of the iceberg for GPT-4. The model can process documents, diagrams, graphs, illustrations and photographs. This seems to be the first step for what many researchers call “General Artificial Intelligence” either «Strong AI», which exceeds human intelligence. At the end of February, OpenAI published an article in which he explores the potential of these advanced models, but GPT-4 is still far from that. The biases in your data set training went nowhere, as did his moments of delusion.

Would you like to try GPT-4? There are currently two options. The first one is subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, with a cost of 20 dollars per month. The second… is to access the improved version of Bing with artificial intelligence. After the official presentation of GPT-4, Microsoft confirmed on the official Bing blog that the company uses a variant of GPT-4 personalized for searches. In fact, every user who has logged on to Bing in the last five weeks has already experimented with GPT-4. What are you waiting for?

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