NVIDIA offers Redfall for the purchase of an RTX 40, will implement DLSS 3 as will Diablo IV

Nvidia Offers Redfall For The Purchase Of An Rtx 40, Will Implement Dlss 3 As Will Diablo Iv
Nvidia Offers 'Redfall' For The Purchase Of An Rtx 40, Will Implement Dlss 3 As Will 'Diablo Iv'

NVIDIA has made some announcements related to DLSS that may be relevant for the technology to be more widely used by developers. Especially the third version, DLSS 3, which includes a frame generation technique which can multiply the frame rate of games by several times. The company will make this technique openly available to developers starting at the GDC in a few days.

It will be available through Streamlining, an open source solution that makes it easy to integrate the NVIDIA Super Resolution Framer into 3D games and applications. It will also be available as a plugin for the Unreal Engine 5.2.

Regarding the inclusion of DLSS 3 in new games, the company has indicated that Diablo IV (June 6) will implement it, as well as the next redfall (May 2). Also, this latest game It begins to give away for the purchase of an RTX 40, either separately or on a pre-assembled desktop, but will also be received if it is a laptop model. Additional digital collectibles are provided for the game as well as the hero pass with two future additional characters. On March 28, DLSS 3 will arrive at force horizon 5.


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