NVIDIA lowers the price of the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 Founders Edition in the eurozone

Around 160,000 Units Of Rtx 40 Would Have Been Sold, Although Rtx 4090 Is Missing
Nvidia Lowers The Price Of The Rtx 4080 And Rtx 4090 Founders Edition In The Eurozone

NVIDIA continues to tweak the prices of its RTX 40 after last year’s sales slump that has been carried over to 2022. They are especially expensive products, with an RTX 4090 priced at 1,949 euros in the euro zone, which is the The founder’s edition produced by the company itself also had a price. He lowered it a few months ago to 1859 euros, depending on the country. Now it has gone down again, and depending on the country and its VAT it can be found for 1819 euros (Germany) or 1839 euros (Spain), for example.

It has also tweaked the price of the founder’s edition, which drops from 1,469 euros to 1,389 euros (Spain) and 1,369 euros (Germany). Its initial price was 1,549 euros, and it was lowered to 1,469 euros due to poor sales. This price drop should also carry over to custom models as they are the company’s benchmark models and at least the cheapest models from its manufacturing partners should drop even more. Right now there are RTX 4080 models that are even below 1,389 euros, even over 1,300 euros in offers, but even so, the RTX 4080 is still too expensive for what it provides.



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