No X11 Display Variable Was Set, but This Program Performed an Operation Which Requires It

No X11 Display Variable Was Set, But This Program Performed An Operation Which Requires It

No x11 show variable was set, but this program carried out an operation which requires it. is an error that happens once you don’t set “DISPLAY” surroundings variable earlier than your software tries to make use of the “X11” to show distant functions in your laptop.No X11 Display Variable Was Set But This Program Performed

In this text, we’ll reply the query: what’s x11 show variable? and we’ll clarify various factors that result in this error and find out how to repair it. All the elements that we’ll clarify are widespread amongst customers which are seeing this error, so there’s a excessive probability that we’ve an answer for you.

With that mentioned, seize your laptop, and let’s educate you find out how to set x11 show variable.

Why Is the X11 Variable Not Set on Your Computer?

The X11 variable shouldn’t be set in your laptop due to the next:

  • You didn’t export the “DISPLAY” variable
  • There is not any “X-server” in WSL
  • Your host lacks the xorg-x11-xauth bundle
  • A improper start-up of the Minecraft forge server
  • You’re Running a Docker picture of JMeter on a VM

– You Did Not Export the “Display” Variable

When you don’t export the “DISPLAY” variable that’s once you’ll get the ubuntu no x11 show variable was set, but this program carried out an operation which requires it. error. This variable is essential once you wish to show the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of s distant software in your laptop.

The distant server that’s internet hosting this software could have the potential to ahead that GUI to your laptop, but it wants a legitimate worth of the “DISPLAY” variable. This similar applies to MobaXterm, and with out this “DISPLAY” variable, you’ll get the no x11 show variable was set, but this program carried out an operation which requires it mobaxterm error.

– There Is No “X-server” in Wsl

The absence of an “X-server” in your laptop is why you’re getting the wsl no x11 show variable was set, but this program carried out an operation which requires it. error. This server ought to exist in your laptop as a result of it is going to settle for requests for the graphical output of the distant software, and it’ll ship again your enter, resembling keyboard strokes or mouse occasions.1674470797 168 No X11 Display Variable Was Set But This Program Performed

From this, you possibly can conclude that with out this “X-server” in your laptop, there isn’t any option to present the show of distant functions.

– Your Host Lacks the Xorg-X11-Xauth Package

When your host lacks the “xorg-x11-xauth package” you’ll get the no x11 show variable was set ssh error. The design of this bundle lets you edit the authorization info that’s used to hook up with an “X-server”.

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Without this info, the “X-server” can not authenticate with the distant server that hosts the distant software that you simply’ll wish to show. As a consequence, you’ll get an error message as a result of the distant server tried to hook up with your X-server, but the shortage of authentication prevents it from doing so.

– A Wrong Start-up of the Minecraft Forge Server

The set up file of the Minecraft forge server accommodates letters and the server model within the type of “forge-x.xx.x-installer.jar”. If you begin the file as a server utilizing “java -Xmx5000M -Xms2048M -jar forge.jar nogui”, you’ll get the no x11 show variable was set, but this program carried out an operation which requires it minecraft error.

The similar will occur if you wish to setup a Minecraft server on an Amazon E2 occasion and the “ExecStart” variable appends your present working listing to the file title.

– You’re Running a Docker Image of Jmeter on a Vm

A Docker picture of Jmeter in Ubuntu that’s operating in a Virtual Machine could cause the no x11 show variable was set jmeter error. This will occur if the “run” script doesn’t comprise the precise configuration that may permit Jmeter to run accurately.

This configuration will comprise the title, the model of Jmeter, a reference to Jmeter’s Docker picture, and a setting of the “DISPLAY” variable. Without this info, you’ll get an error once you run Jmeter.

How To Set the X11 Variable to Display Remote Applications

You can set the X12 variable to show distant functions utilizing any of the next:

  • Export the “DISPLAY” surroundings variable
  • Install an “X-server” and PuTTY
  • Install xorg-x11-xauth bundle in your host
  • Run the forge server with out title modification
  • Modify Jmeter’s Docker “run” script

– Export the “Display” Environment Variable

When you export the “DISPLAY” surroundings variable, your laptop ought to show the GUI of the distant software. This “export” process is about assigning the Internet Protocol (IP) tackle of your machine to the DISPLAY variable.

With this, the distant server is aware of the place to ship the GUI of the distant software that you simply wish to present in your laptop. To export this worth, use the next on the command line or terminal:

But, in case you’re utilizing C Shell (csh) or Tshell (TCSH), you should utilize the next:

Mind you, each instructions assume you’re on “localhost”, so there isn’t any IP tackle like we talked about earlier.

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However, in case your laptop has an IP tackle and it’s a part of a community, the syntax of the command will change to one thing like “export DISPLAY=<your_computers_IP_address>:0.0”.

The following is an instance and it’s best to exchange “” along with your laptop’s IP tackle.

export DISPLAY=

– Install an “X-server” and Putty

You can set up “X-server” to appropriate the “no X11 display variable was set” errors once you’re working with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The following steps present you find out how to set up “X-ming”, a preferred “X-server”:

  1. Download “X-ming” from their official web site. Choose from “Public Domain Releases”.
  2. Run the installer file and choose “XLaunch wizard” and “Normal PuTTY Link SSH client”.
  3. Download and set up X-ming fonts.
  4. Locate the set up folder of “X-ming” and choose the “X-launch.exe” file.
  5. Select “Multiple Windows” and sort zero underneath the “Display number”.
  6. Select “Start no client” and click on on”Next”.
  7. Leave every thing as it’s within the new window.
  8. Click on “Next” and click on on “Save configuration” to avoid wasting the ensuing “config.xlaunch” file in the identical set up folder.

Next, obtain the PuTTY executable file and place it in a listing. Then configure it for “X11 forwarding” utilizing the following steps:

  1. Open PuTTY and navigate to “Session”
  2. Type the tackle of the distant Linux server into the Host Name (or IP tackle) subject.
  3. Navigate to Connection > SSH > Tunnels.
  4. Check the field that claims “Enable X11 forwarding”.
  5. Ensure the “MIT-Magic-Cookie-1” radio button is chosen, then click on on “Open.
  6. Launch the distant software on the PuTTY terminal.
  7. Type “xclock” to substantiate that every thing works. If it’s, a clock will seem in a brand new window. If not, affirm that the Linux server has “ForwardX11Trusted yes” within the “/etc/ssh/ssh_config” file.

– Install Xorg-X11-Xauth Package on Your Host

The set up of the “xorg-x11-xauth” bundle in your Linux distant server will stop the “X11 display” errors once you’re connecting to it. Now, use the next steps to put in the “xorg-x11-xauth” bundle on the 2 common Linux servers, “Amazon Linux 2” and “RedHat Enterprise Linux 8” (RHEL8):1674470798 519 No X11 Display Variable Was Set But This Program Performed

  1. Type the next on the terminal of your server: “sudo yum install xorg-x11-xauth”
  2. Wait for the obtain to finish.

For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 and Ubuntu Server 18 use one and two under:

  1. sudo zypper set up xauth
  2. sudo apt set up x11-apps

After the set up of “xorg-x11-xauth”, open the “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” and alter”X11Forwarding” to “yes” and restart the server. With this, you possibly can configure X-ming and PuTTY in your laptop to hook up with this server. You can learn to do that within the “Install an “X-server” and Putty” detailed within the earlier part.

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– Run the Forge Server Without Name Modification

When you’re operating the Minecraft forge server, don’t rename it to “forge.jar” , go away the title as it’s earlier than you run it. So, if the forge server installer file is one thing like “forge-x.xx.x-installer.jar”, the place “x.xx.x” is the model quantity, don’t rename it.

All you need to do is execute the “” file within the “minecraft” listing to get began. For the “minecraft.service” file, guarantee it factors on to the forge file earlier than you begin it.

– Modify Jmeter’s Docker “Run” Script

The modification of Jmeter’s Docker “run” script (“ will prevent the X11 display variable error when you’re using Jmeter in a Virtual Machine (VM). In your “run” script, do the next:

  1. Add “xhost +” earlier than the “docker” command. This will disable entry management, and also you’ll allow it again in “Step 3” under.
  2. Modify your complete Docker command to set the DISPLAY variable and setup X11
  3. Add “xhost -” to limit show from any host after the Jmeter program carried out what you need.

The following is a pattern for Ubuntu 18.04 LXDE utilizing the Jmeter Docker Image from “justb4/docker-jmeter” GitHub repository.




# Finally run

xhost +

docker run -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY –rm –title ${NAME} -i -v ${PWD}:${PWD} -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro -w ${PWD} ${IMAGE} $@

xhost –


This article defined the causes of the X11 DISPLAY variable error and how one can repair it. The following are the highlights of our analysis and dialogue on this article:

  • If you don’t set the DISPLAY variable, you possibly can’t present distant functions in your laptop.
  • The worth of the DISPLAY variable is the Internet Protocol (IP) tackle of your laptop.
  • The distant server that’s internet hosting your software ought to assist X11 forwarding earlier than you possibly can connect with it.
  • You want an X-server (X-ming) and a terminal emulator (PuTTY) to show distant graphical functions on Windows.
  • If you begin the Minecraft forge server the improper approach, you’ll get the X11 show variable not set error.

At this stage, you possibly can show the User Interface of distant functions with out the X11 show variable error. If you run into such an error sooner or later, you possibly can learn our article to refresh your reminiscence on find out how to repair it.

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